30 July 2016


Nothing spectacular happened Friday night.  I pretty much just came home and chilled with the cats, had a small personal size pizza.  Traffic was a mess so I had to take a detour in order to get home but thankfully arrived about normal time, so no one was the wiser!

Last night I got some courage and decided to try to catch Ruth on her terms, where she was comfortable.  She came by for a pet and scratch.  I took real good care of her and she loved it as always.  Then she ran away.  I waited she came back we repeated the process.  Then I picked up the clippers, she was under the table and I called her and stuck my hand down in front of her.  She hissed at me like I was a complete stranger.  I pulled my hand back before she decided to do damage to it.  Looks like that is a failure.  Going to have to break out the gloves and do it the normal way.  Ugh!

Saturday slept in, had some wicked and bizarre dreams.  I woke up and passed out breakfast.  Then watched TV and fell back asleep.  The strange dreams continued.  Guess I should have had breakfast and then went back to bed.  Anyway, woke up about 10a and got out of bed.  Had a Diet Code Red Mt. Dew and a Banana Nut Muffin to get the day started.  Got my medicine down and got dressed.  Off to the Office of the post.  Mail contained a bill, bank statement and a letter from AT&T about how they are starting a thank you rewards for their customers.  Yeah some rewards program, just chop more off the bill and that will be the best reward for me.  Then I went to the restaurant to see see the hot guy, but he wasn’t there.  I thought wow maybe he has a day off, maybe he will call.  I’ve pretty well resigned myself that he said yes to be polite but that he really didn’t mean it.  I don’t expect him to call given the fact that it’s been a week already.  If he does great I’ll run with it, but otherwise I got to keep on moving, can’t put my life on hold for one person.  It is kind of disappointing I thought maybe I had a chance but just have to keep the search up for the right guy.

I stopped by the home improvement store to pick up furnace filters only to learn they don’t sell cheap filters anymore.  The cheapest 3 pack I could find was $9 and that was for 3M’s Filtreet basic.  I remember when you could get 3 or 4 green or blue for like $5.  Looks like those days are gone, everything is expensive.  I looked for button batteries but couldn’t find them, which is odd at a home improvement store they are usually the ones who have them.

All of the bills are paid, gearing up for the next round that will come due the middle of next month.  Time passes but the bills have a way of always rolling in.  I wish that I could have a bill free month, that would be awesome but I know that won’t happen. 

Looking forward to shaving with my new blades from Harry’s.  Those things are sharp.  They just redid their blades to add in a trimmer at the top, which is a requirement for me.  I haven’t used their blades for a long time, so I am eager to go back to them.  Would much rather shave my face which is a task I don’t like rather than try to hunt down Ruth to trim her claws.  Got to do both.

Bears is doing well with taking his pills, it’s still a little overwhelming to him but he is making the pee pee and that makes Daddy very happy.  Got a good stream and the color is right, no blood.  I believe the supplement is doing it’s job, but I am eager to see how things are after he has been on the stuff for a couple weeks.  If his stream can get stronger and he can get even better then I am all for it.  I will have this bottle for a very long time, which is a good thing. 

I hope your weekend is awesome and that life is treating you well.  Talk with you all again soon!

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