08 July 2016


Log on to any form of social media now and all you will see is that black lives matter.  I’m as sick of seeing that as I am innocent people being shot/killed.  I saw a tweet that said words to the effect of why is there so much violence?  Are you kidding me?  Where have you been violence is become normal in our society when it’s abnormal.  It is in most everything we are surrounded with like TV, Movies, Print Ads, Music and the list goes on and on.  It’s like sex, it’s everywhere.  So first you go have some sex, then you go out with a gun and commit crime.  We are victims of our environment.  Granted some of us are smarter and know that you shouldn’t commit a crime or use violence to try to solve a problem but it is okay to have sex, provided both parties are consenting.  Will this change?  Probably not anytime soon which is very sad. 

I found out today that I am getting my bonus.  I pushed the issue and it came through.  The odd thing is my boss is on vacation so he has to tell me the amount.  However, he won’t get back until the 18th and payday is on the 15th.  It should be on that check and then I will know but they may opt to hold it until the following pay period.  I just want my money and hopefully it’s equal to or greater than what I got last year.  I am a worker and I earn every penny I get, I pour my heart & soul into my job which can get you in trouble.  However, if everything works out it should get you rewarded in the end, for a job well done.  Now that is satisfaction at it’s finest and something to be proud of. 

Yesterday I learned that a coworker had passed.  She was fighting cancer and had been through a lot.  She made some progress but it was pretty aggressive and what progress she made she lost when her body stopped responding to treatment.  She went into a trial program, where everyone gets the real thing and there are no placebos but that apparently didn’t bring the progress that she needed.  She eventually got tired in the last couple weeks and decided to call it quits.  A truly miserable way to go.  The office is pretty somber right now.  Funeral is on Monday and as luck would have it I have the day off so I can go.  Problem is that my car needs service and I can’t put that off.  So if time permits I will go.  I suspect that all I will do is cry the entire time.  It will bring back memories of my loss.  So maybe I won’t go.  I bought a card and wrote a letter to her family last night.  It’s on it’s way to HR so they can address and mail it.  Words are something that you have to select very carefully in times like these.  I can blabber on about anything but trying to bring comfort to a family or loved one who just lost someone, that is where I tend to not know what to say.  I did the best I could and it took me all of an hour to write, clean up and rewrite then finally print it. 

So I look forward to the weekend, being able to be carefree and take my time, mostly for doing what I want and that is mostly sleep.  This week I haven’t slept the best.  I blame it on the weather and the humidity.  I don’t want to freeze out the cats but having my door closed in the summer time really sucks for me.  I look forward to tonight because the door will stay open but that also means my room will fill up with children and a good majority will try to sleep with me in my twin bed. 

I got my last low power bill for a while.  I got an email that the rate is going up because I am consuming more energy.  No kidding AC really chews up the electric.  It’s not a horrible bill in total but the increases never seem to come at a good time.  Give it 4 months and it will likely fall. 

Well now it’s time to go back to work.  If there isn’t anything going on I have a bunch of training to catch up on.  I hope that you have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend with some good food, good times and good sleep.  I hope the same for myself.  Take care and stay cool.

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