05 July 2016

Tuesday that is a Monday

Today has something in common with next Tuesday, they both are going to be my 1st work day of the week.  I took Monday off.  Time for car service and since I use the dealer they are only open during my normal working hours.  It will be tough not to buy into temptation and trade vehicles but I have resisted that urge before.  I am thinking more towards the latter part of the year if I am going to in fact make a move this year.  I still have a warranty and that is my saving grace.  I added more refrigerant to the AC over the weekend and it’s back to being chilly again.  It’s super hot outside today so the ride home tonight will be a nice test.  If I have problems I will mention it on Monday.  I suspect that there is probably a leak somewhere or I wouldn’t have had to add anything.

Had a great time yesterday at my friends place.  I was late on purpose because they never start on time.  I got a text on the way there asking me if I was still coming.  I sent a reply back with yes I am at your front door. I don’t text and drive, it’s super dangerous and not worth it.  So they actually had everything ready to go but elected to sit and chat for a bit.  Oh joy, I am starving.  Finally the moment we had been waiting for.  It was Brats & Onion Burgers with baked beans and potato salad.  I ate pretty good.  Then we sat around for a little bit and then came desert.  Freshly made whip cream on top of strawberry shortcake.  It was good and something that I really didn’t need but I enjoyed it down to the very last bite.  This time they had plenty of left overs but didn’t offer me any, which is fine.  I left at a reasonable hour, it was just an hour later than I wanted to leave.

Still I was able to get home and take care of the children, have some time for myself and then I made time to sit with the kids.  I broke out the brush my oh my the fur was flying.  I will be repeating that again really soon, like tonight if they let me.  I need to trim some claws as well.  Ruth isn’t due for a couple weeks. 

So the time comes I head off to bed after going through my usual evening routine.  The fireworks in the neighborhood started up about 9p and they were still going strong at 11p.  I thought to myself please let it stop I have to go to work in the morning.  Eventually it subsided.  I suspect we will have a couple more nights of popping fun.  The funny part in all of this is it didn’t bother the kids at all.  Normally that is not the case.  I miss the old neighbor that used to live in back, he went out and actually spent money on professional fireworks.  Hell of a show that I got to see for free from my kitchen.  That scared the crap out of every cat.

Reality has settled in and I am back at work.  Thankfully I did the math on my oil change and I’ve got about 500 miles to go.  I like to get them done early and figured with the boss man being out for a couple weeks that I better put my request in today.  It’s started out really slow and quiet.  Didn’t take but a couple hours for that to break and then it was like everything was a mess.  The storm passed and now it’s quiet.  After lunch it’s an afternoon of meetings and I will be ready for a nap. That is the one thing I miss is nap time after having it for 3 days in a row.  Working for a living is no fun, even though I enjoy what I do there are times when I wish that I could just walk away and I can for 5 or 10 minutes but then I have to come right back.  Being an adult and responsible is no fun, I would much rather be a kid again.  Shame I can’t call do over on that. 

So there you have it another wild and crazy blog entry of me blathering on.  Hope that you found it enjoyable and entertaining.  Before I sat down to write this I watched some bloopers of Family Feud on You Tube, they are seriously funny.  Laughing a little or a lot each day is something that I want to be able to do each and everyday that I walk the earth, it feels so good.  Not as good as a Banana Split or an Orgasm but it feels good.  Now back to me getting ready for a meeting. 

Hope your having a great day and that life is treating you well.  3 more days until the weekend!  Take care.

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