03 July 2016

Holiday Weekend Update

I had ‘the talk’ with my boss on Friday.  He supports me and will be addressing the privacy issue with the vendor.  For now I have nothing to worry about.  I did mention to him that I had thoughts of getting a second phone but he discouraged me.  So we shall see what happens with the vendor and where we go from there.

The review that he did with me was just a waste of both of our times.  He got questions from HR to ask me.  Basically wanted to know if I was satisfied with my job, if I was looking for a job or planning on leaving, what I like about my job and what I dislike.  See what I mean a total waste of time. 

We got to the compensation review and no change.  I asked about a bonus but he deflected and said that he couldn’t help me out.  That I was eligible from this point forward, meaning next year.  That was a load of shit.  I busted my ass in my former job and should be rewarded some how.  What do to?  I reached out to my old boss and she is looking into it.  I should know more next week.  She agrees with me that I deserve something for my efforts.  I also chose to come out to her.  Turns out she has a gay son and gave me his telephone number.  She said we are a lot a like.  I told her be sure to give him my number.  Were a million miles apart so this is just a friendship and who can’t use a friend. 

So I wondered when should I call, what if she had not had time to reach him yet and I called.  Aw, hell with it I just picked up the phone on Friday night and reached out.  Turns out he was expecting my call.  We had a two hour conversation.  I felt like I monopolized the conversation but I did give him an opportunity to let some of his feelings out.  We did some note comparison and found out that we are truly just alike.  I told him how old I am but he never told me how old he was.  I had no idea that my old boss had a gay son, what a pleasant surprise.  Friday was a pretty good day, even if I did have to work. 

Saturday I had to wake up early to get to the post office.  Priorities first, I had to get some breakfast.  Pee pads were waiting for me.  I was also pleasantly surprised and got a check from a settlement of a class action suit with AT&T.  It was a small chunk of change that I wasn’t expecting but sure can use.  I stopped by Target and scored savings on Cat Food & Litter.  Plus they had Fancy Feast on sale so I stocked up on that.  It’s treat or special food here and everyone seems to love it.  What I would pay $20 at the Pet Food store, I got at Target for $12. 

After all of that it was time to come home, lay down and watch Family Feud until I got sleepy and passed out.  The kids had me up by noon because they wanted their lunch.  Fed them and then came to play on the computer.  I took time to organize My Documents, which has gotten to be quite a mess.  I had stuff scattered all over my machine and decided I needed a central place where everything document related should be.  It took a lot of time but I got it done.  That is something that has been on my list for a couple weeks.  Felt good to put it behind me. 

Then I went out to Beauty Brands and picked up some Paul Mitchell stuff.  They were having their annual Liter Sale so I got in on that plus I had a coupon for 10% off.  Then stopped by the Pet Food Store.  It was like Saturday was Savings Day for me.  I came home and had Mexican Lasagna for supper. 

Sunday allowed me to sleep in a little bit.  Got up and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  It was very good.  Then off to the grocery store where I didn’t spend a whole lot but having Monday for a holiday meant that I had less food to buy.  Came home and once again was able to plop on the couch and enjoy some Family Feud.  Fell back asleep and this time I was out until 1p.  Gator tried to wake me at noon but that failed, so she just curled up between my legs.  Woke up and fed the kids their lunch. 

Working on laundry and playing on the computer.  Momma eventually convinced me to take a break from the computer.  So I did.  Went upstairs to spend time with the family.  They enjoyed it.  Then I decided to go back out for a bite to eat for supper.  Hit up Steak N Shake and had a Taco Salad.  I was craving that for a while and it was every bit as delicious as I thought it would be. 

Came back home and updated my laptop and fought with ants.  Not sure why but they seem to be in the kitchen, on the carpet and they are driving me nuts.  They even decided to crawl on me.  That was like the last straw.  I believe I have solved this for now.  I have to be extra careful with the kids so they aren’t affected.  They just love to watch them crawl around, it’s like they have a new toy.  Same thing if there is a spider.  Sorry I had to take away their fun. 

After that little ordeal it was time for a shower.  It has been hours ago but it still feels like they are crawling on me.  It’s late and Momma wants me to go upstairs because it’s time for bed.  However, she doesn’t know that I have tomorrow off.

Thus far it’s been a productive weekend and I have enjoyed myself.  Got my pride shirt ready to wear tomorrow.  Looking forward to see what the chef has cooked up.  My guess is that it will be burgers.  Hope that tomorrow is enjoyable as well.

Neighbors are setting off fireworks and have been since Thursday of last week.  Doesn’t seem to bother the kids at all, which is a good thing.  If Taz and his buddy were alive they would be going nuts.  Funny thing when I was at the grocery store I saw a license plate that said Taz and it made me think of him.  Sure do miss him and his buddy. 

In case your drooling over the photo on the header, it’s model Paul Vandervort and the photo was taken by Adam Bouska.  I am jealous of Adam and people like him that have awesome jobs of taking pictures of cute and sexy guys.  Nothing like a good looking guy!

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend, lots of good food, music, family, TV and if your celebrating American’s Birthday lots of fireworks.  Now I guess I am going to give in to momma and head upstairs.  I am sure I can find something on TV to watch.  I look forward to sleeping in one more day – it will be so nice!  Then before you know it, back to reality! :-)

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