23 July 2016

Hot Town Summer In The City

It is miserable hot outside.  I spent the bulk of my day inside.  Slept in, which was nice.  Considering I didn’t go to bed until 1 or 2 am, can’t remember.  I sat in the living room where Bear was and watched Hot Pursuit.  It was a great movie and I saw it on Amazon Prime because it was free for prime members.  It was way better than I thought it would be, I got some serious laughs in.

Then went to watch TV in my room until my sleeping pills kicked in and then it was lights out.  Today I got the children fed and then started in on another movie.  This was called Genius on Hold.  Saw it on Netflix, all about MA Bell and one of it’s inventors.  Very interesting movie and learned a little bit more about MA Bell and the Bell System. 

Crashed for an afternoon nap.  Woke up and passed out lunch.  Got moving and was able to get some supper at Red Lobster.  It was good food, I should have threw in Pina Colada but didn’t.  That would have been good on a hot day like today.  From there I made my way by the post office, no mail.  Then on to the pet food store where I had a $10 coupon that came in handy. 

Home to start laundry and then trying to find out information about the guy I asked out yesterday.  Still haven’t heard from him and considering that he is probably working today as well I can understand why he hasn’t reached out yet.  I wasn’t able to find a damn thing about him on line because I don’t have a last name, not even an initial for his last name.  I really would like to know more about him, regardless if he calls or not.  He probably knows everything about me because my debit card receipt has my full name on it so google that along with my cell phone number.  If he has taken time he probably knows a little something about me.  I’ve been thinking about him often and really wonder if I will hear from him. 

Got a survey from the vet, within 5 minutes of filling it out the phone rings and it’s the vet.  They were calling to check on Bear and see how he was doing.  I did some checking and found out that his supplement will arrive on Monday.  I don’t normally stop for mail on Monday’s but I will be making an exception, the sooner he starts this the better off I hope he is. 

I am just goofing off now, passing time and playing on the PC.  Waiting for the Looking movie to start, very interested in that and really wonder how it will end.  It was another great gay series that is coming to an abrupt end.  So sad. 

Really hard for me to comprehend that today is Saturday, all of the days blend together.  I could really get used to this staying home business but that wouldn’t pay the bills.  The heat right now is killer and doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed.  I’ve got the cold water going and of course some cheesecake later tonight will help keep me cool. 

Normal drill tomorrow of eating breakfast out, hitting up the grocery stores.  Have to stop for gas.  Then coming home for the day and have no plans on leaving until Monday morning when I go in for my awesome training class.  Starts at 730a which means I have to get up early and hustle.  I’ll make it with plenty of time and it will be nice to leave early.  However, I am anxious for Wednesday when everything goes back to normal.  I hate having my normal thrown off or changed.  I am a creature of habit. 

Hope your staying cool and enjoying the summer. 

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