30 January 2013

No Water Wednesday

It rained and rained then it rained some more.  I woke up this morning to find out that we didn’t have any water pressure.  I got enough water to make my hot cereal.  I couldn’t take a shower.  Checked the house were fine.  Called the police and found out that they were looking for the source we had a Water Main break.  Now we are under a boil order.  I hope they get things back to normal by the time I get home.  I’d really like a shower!

I sware when there is a full moon the weirdest things happen.  Traffic was a mess.  My boss wrote me late at night and of course I didn’t answer because I was sleeping, but he doesn’t know that.  He figured out his problem and told me to disregard.  Wow, glad that worked out otherwise it would have been ugly this morning. 

Speaking of my work phone, the damn thing has a mind of it’s own.  My contacts are randomly disappearing.  This morning it was a co-worker and at lunch my guy was gone.  I think everything is back to normal but I wouldn’t sware on it.  Maybe this is BB’s way of trying to get me to get a different phone.  Would love to upgrade my work phone to an iPhone.  So much easier to manage – it just works.  Nothing special required. 

I think tomorrow I will be on an all day conference call helping with the rollout of one of our on-line systems.  Not sure what my part will be but the requirements say that you have to have 2 computers.  One to watch on and the other to do the work.  Thankfully, I have dual screens so one computer should work for me.  I really hope that they tell me I don’t have to be on this, I’ve got plenty of other things to keep me occupied. 

Speaking of which I should really get back to it.  I’m not a drinking man but after this week I might be.  Got news last night that one of my partners longtime friends passed away on Monday from Pancreatic Cancer.  That guy went fast.  We got word over the weekend that he was on the down hill slide and by Monday it was all over.  He died in his sleep, which is the exact way I want to go.  No pain, no suffering, not aware of what is happening, just poof lights out. 

Okay enough depression.  Back to work for me.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Being without water sucks, did you get it back yet? Hope so!

I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby's friend passing. Please pass my condolances along to him. :(

Enjoy your weekend my friend, I hope you can get some good ol' R&R in.