09 January 2013

Middle of the week

Little shy girl is back to normal.  She was next to me last night at supper time.  I was eating left over pizza so she got nothing.  However, she begged like no tomorrow.

I was so dead tired last night.  I wanted to go straight to bed but knew that I wouldn’t sleep through the night so I stayed awake until 10ish and then called it a night.  The 2 boys and I headed for dreamland.  I didn’t sleep the entire night but what sleep I got feels good.  Wish I could get more right about now. 

Work has been a crazy day so far.  Phone calls and e-mails flying.  Thankfully it’s calmed down now.  I hope I can meet my goal of getting 2 machines out today, as I promised.  I have another 2 to deliver to a local facility but I’m saving that for either Thursday or Friday.  Shooting for Thursday afternoon right now, but no one knows that.  I figure my travel arrangements won’t come through until Friday.

Supper tonight will be semi-homemade soup.  We bought a mix from the store, my guy cut up left overs from a roast and threw it in.  So it’s supposed to be like a Vegetable Beef.  Looked good last night but I was all set for pizza.  Right now what I really want is Lasagna.  That sounds so good to me. 

Travel arrangements are made.  I will be flying all over the East Coast on Sunday.  I originally was scheduled for Monday but had them change it because the first place I am going has several computers with problems.  Might as well gain as much time as I can.  The strange part is the travel agent changed the flight but forgot to change the car reservation to Sunday.  Thankfully Hertz allows you to make changes on line, regardless of who booked the reservation.  I upgraded to an Impala it was $8 more and added in GPS.  Might as well be comfy, considering on Wednesday I will have a 3 hour drive on my hands. 

The best part is that I only have to work a 1/2 day on Friday since I am leaving on Sunday.  I also get back pretty early in the afternoon the following Friday.  So it will be like plenty of extra weekend time.  That is nice.  Now if the trip were just over I would be so much happier. 

I’ve got to burn some Music CD’s so I will have something to listen to when I’m driving.  There is no shortage of driving.  I don’t know why I get so worked up before I travel but I just do.  I know that everything will fall in place, as it always does.  God be with me!

I’m sitting here at home patching servers at work with Windows Updates.  My iPhone seems to have more updates than Windows.  Everyday it’s one application or another. 

Soon it will be time for my nightly wind down routine.  I’m still hungry but really don’t need to eat anymore.  I am also very tired.  I did live up to my goal for today and got both of those machines out.  My office is starting to look more normal.

Tomorrow I will be headed to a local place to install two machines.  I called to let one of the people know I was coming.  I found out that she was terminated.  Really?  Yup.  I got her access shutdown but damn no one communicates.  I bet the first time someone does something malicious that costs them money they will start communication.  Come to think of it, that’s already happened.  I guess they will never learn!

So that’s my two cents for today.  Talk with you peeps later.


Jude said...

I know you don't look forward to the travelling part of the job, and I don't blame you. Being away from your family would be tough!

I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly!

. said...

Hey sounds like you are well on the way...and look at you working on patching servers at home on work computers. You are such a great IT type person. The homemade semi made at home soup sounds like a great idea...roast and vegetables...it's good on a cold night but lately it's been warm not cold..especially in my part of the country. You also should consider getting Stouffer's lasagne...now that's good stuff. Plus you can microwave it and heat it up...and leftovers for lunch. I had it and edamame this week for lunch. Hope you are doing well. I wish you save travels and keep in touch Jeremy!!

Jeremy Ryan said...

Jude - your right it's not fun being away from home. Thankfully the time seems to get away from me and before you know it, time to come back home. It just never gets here as fast as I want it to.

. - Working from home is something I have always done. When I did it on my last job and a system malfunctioned, that got me in trouble. So I am a little paranoid about doing it, but it sure beats sticking around the office. It's been warm here too and the soup was okay. Stouffers Lasagna is my favorite frozen Lasagna. Fresh is Maggiano's.