12 January 2013

Winter Storm

So Mother Nature isn’t going to let me travel with ease to the airport tomorrow morning.  We have a Winter Storm moving in.  Right now it’s just rain and it’s been going for hours.  Tonight the temperatures' drop to a low of 19 degrees. So all of that rain will be ice.  Then we are supposed to get some sleet and snow on top of it.  About 2 inches of total accumulation is expected.  Sure wish I wasn’t leaving until Monday now.  :(

Friday I worked a 1/2 day in the office.  Got all of my loose ends tied up and cleaned up the old e-mail IN BOX so that I wouldn’t come back to a nightmare.  I will try to manage e-mail as best as I can when I’m on the road.  It’s not a high priority for me and some things just have to wait until you get back. 

When I left work on Friday I headed to get my car washed.  I had a code that was going to expire, so I went to use it and the machine told me it had already been used.  Well how do I refute that?  I mean I had the receipt but I can’t prove I didn’t use it.  So there was $9 down the drain.  So I paid another $9 to get my car washed.  Everything started out fine and then in the middle of the wash, the robot decided to stop working, the door went up and it told me to leave while it was just pouring water.  It quit just before it applied the wax and Rain X.  I was tired and didn’t feel like arguing, so I just went home.  I wanted to sleep.  That happened for about 10 minutes and then it was time to go out for supper.

I started to head for the pie place, but then I thought about all of the work I had to do and changed course.  We went to a local place, it was just okay.  I liked my desert better than my meal.  Back home.

I at least started on laundry.  I had some computer problems of my own.  I noticed for a while that videos don’t play back right regardless if they are from YouTube or something stored on my machine.  So I thought video card driver.  I updated it and the videos play great now.  But my machine freezes up when I am away from it.  I fixed that by removing the drivers, rebooting and then installing the update.  That worked for a solid week.  Friday when I went to remote in from work, I couldn’t connect.  When I came home I found my machine frozen again.  It’s been fine ever since the reboot but I don’t want to take a chance since I am going on the road, so I have a scheduled task that will reboot the machine every day at 4 am.  That should hopefully keep things cleared up or so I hope.

After I was done with that, I went out for a haircut, the line was HUGE.  About an hour later, I got home and had to remote in to look at a machine.  It’s a case of PC Envy.  I got one person a new machine, so their neighbor now wants a new machine and every time her machine hiccups she calls me.  I got a voice mail on Friday afternoon that said since I can’t reach you, I am going home that is if I can turn off my computer.  Really?  If you remove the power source the machine won’t keep running.  If it does then I would get the hell out of Dodge and fast!  Needless to say I didn’t find a damn thing wrong with it.  It’s only 3 years old, running XP but it’s still good.  The BIOS hadn’t been updated and I found a Chipset Driver as well, so I updated them.  Scanned for Viruses and Spyware nothing found.  The hard drive was a little fragmented, so I defragged it.  The machine performed fine for me.  Hopefully, I don’t hear anything further from this person, at least hopefully not next week.  I don’t have time for crazy, silly or bullshit.  I’m on a tight deadline to complete a project. 

After all that I was just tired and wanted to go to bed.  I did a little self pleasuring and yup it was time for bed.  Slept in until 8 this morning.  Fed the kids and we got a move on.  We hit the baker shop, Waffle House and then had to swing by the office.  I realized I forgot 2 things.  Then back home and we made it here by 11am.  Then it was time for a nap that lasted until 1.  Then on to the grocery store, where my partner conveniently forgot his wallet.  So I was stuck paying for grocery's that I hadn’t planned on paying for.  Back home in the rain.  Put the grocery’s away.  Then back to laundry and that damn machine.  We just went to supper and here I am again, laundry time.  Then I have to clean the house, put out my medicine and get the trash out and pack.  After that I am going to rest.

I have my boarding passes all printed.  I decided to turn on 2 sided printing, because normally you get your boarding pass, the weather, airport tips and Sudoku puzzles.  Yeah, bad move.  It printed both boarding passes (it’s a connecting flight) on the same sheet of paper, then after that is when I got all of the crap.  Other airlines let you print your pass multiple times, not this one.  It was a one shot deal. I wouldn’t worry except that normally when you check in at the gate, they rip the pass in half.  So to cover myself, I made a photo copy so I should be safe. 

I’ve got to burn a couple music CD’s for the road, you know my 3 hour drive on Wednesday.  Yeah that aught to be a good time.  Plus this time I am taking my own USB drive with porn on it.  That way if my computer at home decides to freeze up, at least I won’t be out of luck! 

The weather at my destination will be rain all week long until I leave on Friday then the sun comes out.  At least it will be in the 50’s, which shouldn’t be too bad.  Beats the weather they are going to have to deal with here.  I just hope there aren’t any weather issues getting me there or getting me back home.  Not looking forward to next Saturday that much, I have to visit the dentist to get drilled and not in a good way.  I do know once I get back I will be able to breath easier.  Right now I am nervous wreck.  1 2 3 4 Pressure!

If I am not too worn out, tomorrow night I will put up a post at least letting you know I made it.  After tomorrow night I am not sure what my evenings will be like, it depends a lot on how well things go.  Considering I’ve done this multiple times and have different tricks, I am hoping we get done in one day.  We did at the last place, but I had a team of 2 guys doing the hard part.  Not sure what kind of guys I will be working with but hopefully they will be good.  They don’t have to look good, just know how to do their part of the job and I should be fine. 

The best part of the day was at the grocery store where I saw Taylor Lautner Shirtless.  Here’s a photo…


Well time for me to get a move on or nothing will get done at all.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Sounds like icky weather, I hope at least it stays fairly warm while you are there.

I have problems playing videos now too!! Sometime when you're back home maybe you could explain "video card driver" to me? This drives me batty.

Have a productive and easy trip, that's my wish!