08 January 2013

The Dust Buster

Here we are Tuesday.  I woke up in the middle of the night and one of the girls wanted to sleep with me.  I shouldn’t have let her in but I did.  I spent the next 3 hours with 2 cat in a twin bed.  How much sleep do you think I got?  Right, I’m tired this morning.

I noticed that our shy girl was missing this morning.  I kept calling her but she never answered.  I found her in the basement.  She looks like she is sick, so I told her she could stay home from school today.  I hope that she decides to start eating.  Having so many of the little furry creatures, it always appears to be something with one of them.

Big Boy made a mess on the carpet last night.  So I was late in getting to bed.  I don’t see a reason to clean the carpet anymore.  I get it all clean and the other residents mess it up.  I’m the neat one.  Although last night I did make my guy Carmel Corn and made a mess in the microwave.  The difference is I got it cleaned up right away.

Checked in @ home @ lunch time and our shy little girl hasn’t surfaced.  I suspect she is still in the basement.  Perhaps when I get home tonight I will have some better news on her. 

I’ll bet your just dying to know what is for supper.  Tonight left overs.  Pizza for me.  Ribs for my guy.  Should be quick and hopefully delicious.  We have to work on clearing the fridge out, way too much stuff gets thrown away.

I decided about my travel arrangements to just let the cards fall where they may.  I asked for the arrangements to be made and said I would be going next week.  Now I will have to wait and see what they come up with before I can book hotels.  Hopefully they don’t wait until Friday to spring everything on me.  I hate last minute notification.

I am sitting here at my desk, all horned up.  Funny thing is when I get home I will be so tired that all I will want to do is collapse.  You never think your priorities will change but age has a way of changing everything!

I’m working on the dust buster machine from yesterday.  It sounded horrible, got that fixed with some air and thermal grease.  The fan was working overtime.  The machine is old but still viable to use.  So I am working on cleaning it up.  It was infected with Mal and Spyware as well as a virus.  I’ve got my final scan going on now and I’m also running Windows Update.  It’s running Windows XP, which really takes me back.  Lots of business environments still have XP and Vista.  However, the primary OS is Windows 7. 

Speaking of computers, I heard over the weekend that the DOD (Department of Defense) has placed an order with Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 8.  Yeah, really.  I wonder what they are thinking.  I used it for about 15 minutes and was ready to scream.  You can get it back to feel like Windows 7 by purchasing an add on, but why even bother.  It’s just not an OS to be used for business.  Hmm, so maybe I should suggest to the boss that we upgrade everything to Windows 8 and then I would always be in demand.  Not going to happen. 

Thus far a very calm day, boss man not here so everyone is relaxed.  I got a call this morning about going to a local facility but thankfully I was able to save the trip and talk them through it over the phone.  They had a computer with internet problems.  Turns out someone unplugged the network switch.  As soon as they plugged it back in, all is working again.  The lady I was talking to said thanks but then again you didn’t really do anything.  I just shrugged that one off.  However, I was thinking bitch you couldn’t figure it out so yes I did do something.  It’s working now that you talked to me!  I mean she wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.  People should think more before they speak.

Well back to the dust buster.  Sitting here watching it churn is painful and I’ve got another machine that needs to go out today.  I’m thinking that they both will ship out tomorrow.  I guess that is better than not shipping at all.  One more day won’t kill them. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

The lady said that to you, that you "didn't do anything"???? Sorry but what a biatch!! Talk about being hard to get along with.

I'm still XP too, next April (I believe) is when updates stop and when I'll have to get a new computer I guess. :(