02 January 2013


Late to bed last night, woke up early feel okay.  Mentally I didn’t want to go but I made it in to work.  I’m sitting here minding my own business when my nose just opened up and started pouring like a river.  I see some dust in my office so I attributed it to allergies.  Took my emergency Claritin and waited for it to kick in.  I have rubbed one side of my nose raw and gone through an entire box of Kleenex.  Now I am starting to think it might not be allergies.  I really don’t want to call the doctor and have to leave work but if this continues I know I will be in a world of hurt the longer I let it go on.  So I am waiting and if there is no change within the next hour, I will make the call maybe I will get lucky and he can just call something in, I mean going there will only result in a prescription or two.  Better to cut through the red tape and just get the medicine. 

I know my partner is sick and maybe all of the time I spent around him transferred his germs.  Maybe it’s the cold weather.  Maybe it’s just something I’m stuck with.  Better now than when I am on the road.

I got a machine pretty well built, which was my major goal for the day.  I’ve got a couple people that need some remote help and another machine that is on the way in.  So it’s not like I am bored, just clearing stuff off my plate as quick as possible.  I’ve got two machines to install locally and have plans to do that on Friday.  That kind of depends upon how I feel now, hopefully I can pull it off. 

Outside of that nothing really major going on.  No one wants to be at work today but were all here.  Traffic was a little heavier this morning but still light enough that I made it in early.  I was disappointed there was no Shep 689 video this morning.  I guess they are having a good time in NYC.  I so look forward to their video each day, it’s become a habit for me.

Well off to help those remote people.  I hope your having a great 2nd day of the new year.  Talk with you peeps later!

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