07 January 2013

Meatballs & Cabbage

So Monday is out of the way!  I so didn’t want to go in this morning and was depressed about it.  However, I got a pretty good reception when I got in.  People actually missed me.  That’s kind of nice. 

I started with the lady who had issues on Friday.  There is something wrong with her machine and it’s covered under warranty.  However, since she takes care of paying people I had to get her back up quick.  So I built her a new machine.  She is the genius who figured out how to circumvent our Content Filter.  So I fixed her clock, her new machine won’t be able to go to Facebook no matter what she does.  I don’t think she will complain because your not suppose to be on Facebook, your supposed to be working.  I gave her boss a heads up just in case.  Now I guess she will be surfing on her phone to Facebook.  Oh well that’s life!

I unboxed one of the problem child machines.  Its so old and outdated I said screw this.  I gave that person a new machine as well.  However, I wasn’t able to push AV to it because the Management Center was acting funny.  After rebooting the Domain Controller tonight all is back to normal, so that machine will go out tomorrow.

I had a few phone calls a couple e-mails but all in all a very calm day, which is exactly what I wanted and needed.  I’m having second thoughts about leaving on Sunday.  I haven’t asked for travel plans to be made yet, but will be doing so soon.  I will have to kick it around a bit more.

I finished up my day with the other sick machine.  It had fan issues.  I got those fixed but the machine was full of dust and that crap is all over my office.  It got on my clothes and in my nose, it was a general mess.  I should have taken the damn thing outside but you need paperwork for that.  Anyway, the fan is fixed.  Now I have to figure out the network connection issue and then I think it’s all good.  It’s old too but not nearly like the Dinosaur that I replaced earlier.

The vet called about a message I left them.  I’m so worried about the cost of Big Boy’s medicine.  I can’t seem to find it in stock anywhere on-line so I asked about alternatives.  Turns out there are none.  He has to take Prednisolone.  They called in a prescription to the local pharmacy and I’m back to paying $85 for something that used to cost $20.  Crap, I hate it when I don’t have options.  However, he has 5 refills and they are 3 month supplies so there is enough there to cover the entire year.  Animals and people are both so expensive!

Supper consisted of Meatballs & Cabbage.  Not the best meal when you have a gas problem.  However, it was damn good.  My suggestion on a dish we regularly have but haven’t had in a while.  Finished off with some Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies and then time to take the trash out. 

I’m all ready to relax.  Going to watch some inside story that was done on McDonald’s I set it to record last night before I turned off the TV.  Hopefully it’s interesting.  I told Mr. Big Boy that I would be a half hour and I’m past my time.  He’s going to be mad at me but he will still get his treats, which is all he wants. 

4 more days in the office.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

You're right, people and pets are expensive! Vets charge way too much for us just to keep our pets healthy. :(

I need to open up my computer and blow the dust out, I haven't done it and my house is extremely dusty. I wish I could just pay someone to come here and do it for me! Don't know why but I'm scared to do stuff like that.