01 January 2013

1st post of 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that things are going great for you.  I didn’t think I would be up until Midnight but I was.  For the first time ever I was in the shower when the clock rang in the new year.  I guess you’d call it a clean start. 

I accomplished getting the bathroom cleaned up.  I also was so motivated I cleaned up my partners bedroom, which was a disaster.  I had plans to sit in front of the computer but they were quickly changed when I thought about my facial and trying to relax.  Besides that I spend way too much time on this box anyway. 

Today we made it to the grocery store, which was not crowded at all.  Probably because people thought they were closed, plus it’s really cold outside.  Saw a cute couple of guys walk in.  One of them was giving me the eye as if to say bitch, what are you looking at.  He was hot stuff and I guess he knew it. 

We had breakfast/lunch at Steak N Shake.  Then supper at a local bar, which has some okay food.  Plus it’s really cheap.  Now we are home the trash is out.  More laundry is going and I still have to get ready for work tomorrow, plus tend to the litter boxes. 

Jumper didn’t want to sleep with me last night, he was off hiding somewhere.  He had a puke fest by one of the litter boxes.  The first mess of the year for me to clean up.  Poor boy.  However, we made up for lost time this morning.  I was up at 8 to feed the 4 legged creatures.  Jumper nibbled a bit and then followed me back to bed.  Where we snuggled and watched The Real World London.  We got through about 4 episodes and then I just had to go back to sleep.  It was close to 10 when I went back to sleep.  I got woke up at 11 and that’s when my day started.  Plus I took a short nap today.  Tomorrow is going to suck because I won’t want to go to bed tonight and that means I will be so sleepy tomorrow morning. 

Boss man will be back in the office tomorrow, I just hope he doesn’t bother me at all.  I have plenty to do and I am sure emails and calls will be pouring in as well.  He should be leaving Thursday afternoon, which will be nice.  But he will be back on Monday, which is kind of depressing.  Ah, well 1 week in the office with him and then I will be on the road for a week.  Not looking forward to that either, but at least I will be away from the ogre.  Does it show that I don’t care for him?  If he wasn’t such a grouch I would probably like him more.  However, I like him a lot as long as he leaves me alone! 

Well, off to enjoy the evening.  You all take care and be well.  Talk with you peeps later!


Happy New Year!

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Jude said...

I like the new look, it's bright and cheery. :-)

I hope the bossman doesn't bug you too much, have a good week!