19 January 2013

Made it back

So I made it back safe I don’t know about the sound part!  Some of this story is disjointed, sorry if it confuses you.

My travel woes for this trip.  1st the plane I was supposed to board had a flat tire, so that screwed up my connecting flight.  I had to make other arrangements.  I got in and they ran out of Impalas so I had to take a Jeep but they charged me for an upgrade.  I thought the drive to the hotel would be 30 minutes.  It was more like 1 hour and 30 minutes.  I drove in the dark and rain.  I had Taco Bell for supper and didn’t get to the hotel until 10pm.  My room at the 1st place was average.  I lucked out and got a Jacuzzi.  I used it but wish now that I hadn’t.  I had to drain the tub because of the stuff in the water.  When I was sitting in it I kept thinking how unclean it is and cut my time short.  I had problems regulating the climate so I slept with the heat off, which was a bad move.  I got sick because it was cold in the room.  I was able to shake it off for a couple days but by Friday I was really felling it.  It rained everyday but Friday.  I took a shower on Monday, I had problems with the water and getting it to turn off, instead of off I turned it all the way to hot, I managed to knock the shower head off in trying to get away from the scalding water. Finally got it turned off.  I worked through lunch and didn’t have anything to eat until Supper which was very late.  Monday night I was woke up to what sounded like a fire alarm, turns out it was the person upstairs taking a shower and the pipes rattled just like a bell, which I thought might have been there fire alarm.  The first place had more work for me than I had time.  I had to cut my losses and get out of Dodge.  I worked late every night, drove in day light & rain.  Left in darkness and rain.  Went to Shoney’s but the food was horrible – nothing like I remembered.  Had plenty of Taco Bell the first part of the week.  My iPhone charger went out on me so the only way I could charge my phone was in the Jeep.  The 1st hotel served the same damn thing for breakfast every morning.  Biscuits and Gravy along with Scrambled Eggs, which were pellets, not real eggs. 

By mid week I figured out the automatic start button for the Jeep, loved that.  The thing had Satellite Radio so I didn’t have to listen over and over to the mixed CD I burned.  Its cargo space also came in handy when I went to the 2nd facility.  On the way to the 2nd place I got a call from home that Big Boy seemed to be taking a bad turn.  That shook me up, I had to get off the road get something to eat, call back home and talk it out.  Turns out he was fine, it was just a misunderstanding.  Still it was one of my greatest fears when I travel.  Got back on the road and arrived at the 2nd place.  Left when it was dark and raining.  Had problems finding the hotel, but got there.  Checked in and went straight to Cracker Barrel.

I found it rather odd that Cracker Barrel was in close proximity to a strip club and an adult toy shop.  Still I know good food and they had it going on.  So much that I ate there for the remainder of the week. 

Back to my check in at the 2nd place.  They lady told me they would put me in room 330 but they put me in room 320.  The next morning the cleaning person tried to get in but couldn’t because I had her locked out.  Thank God because I just got out of bed and didn’t have any clothes on.  That would have been slightly awkward.  So, I hightailed it to the shower and tried to get out as fast as I could because I knew she would get back.  While I was getting dressed (after my shower) my cell phone rang and it was the hotel.  They went to my room and apparently no one was there so they wanted to know if I was staying there.  I told them yes, I was in my room.  I went about my business and while I am eating breakfast I got another call they wanted to know what room I was staying in.  Jeez, someone is unorganized.  They wrote down 330 but gave me keys to room 330.  The room was nice and very spacious.  You could tell it was a fresh remodel.  When I got back on Thursday night I had an envelope laying on the table, they wanted me to tip the housekeeper.  Really?  Yeah.  For the price the room cost I didn’t think that was appropriate, they were getting a really good amount of money for each night.  I was kind of offended that they would even ask for a tip.  I got myself packed up and ready to go for Friday morning, time to get home.

Made it to the airport in plenty of time.  It was a very small airport and this time I had to walk out to the plane and climb up the steps just like you see in the movies.  Except this was a propeller driven plane and it held like 9 people.  The safety talk was different on this plane, they talked about a fire extinguisher.  I really had my doubts that we were going to make it.  But we did.  No free beverage on this plane.  When we landed I was feeling pretty nauseated.  I stopped at a Pub and had a burger and a Panna Cotta along with a Diet Coke.  That took some of the edge off but I still felt bad.  Got on the 2nd plane and I put my jacket in the seat next to me, I was asked to seat belt it in when we were in the process of taking off.  I said I would just hold it and was told nah, you can put it back.  I thought that was odd.  Got my free beverage on this plane, water.  That was good.  Landed to hear a voice mail someone had spyware on their computer.  I told them I was at the airport and would have to fix it on Monday. 

I left out that I got a panic call on Thursday from the bosses assistant that her files were gone from My Documents.  She was having some problems so she rebooted and once she did, they were gone.  Really?  I think she deleted them on accident, never heard of My Docs being wiped out from a reboot.  Anyway I went to the server and found that they appeared to be backed up.  So I started a restore.  She wanted to get our IT Vendor involved, so I did that.  Really nothing for them do to until the restore completed. I logged on Thursday night and it was still going, very slow.  It was a lot of data.  I didn’t think of it until a couple hours ago.  I went to follow up and got no response, which is odd.  I also didn’t get the usual good job email from my boss, which is really odd.  So I checked the server and the restore was frozen at 7%.  However, it looked like all of her data was back.  So I killed the restore job, applied a Windows Update and rebooted the server.  I reached out to our IT Vendor because they didn’t keep me in the loop, asking for an update and letting them know what I had done.  So we shall see come Monday.

The no response from the lady and not getting the good job e-mail from my boss have me thinking that they are some how going to turn this around to be all my fault and either yell at me or kick me out the door.  Ok, so I was on the road and did as much as I possibly could.  I should have followed up on Friday but it honestly never crossed my mind since I engaged the vendor they had the ball.  I’m a little stressed over it.

I also got a call that there was a little shake up in the office and they have screwed a couple people over.  Of course I got bothered all week long and have plenty more than I can handle scheduled for Monday.  I will work it out somehow. 

Came home to a disaster.  The house smelled like a Tuna Can, litter boxes hadn’t been cleaned and cat crap all over the floor.  So I had to work overtime to get this place back into shape when all I really wanted to do was collapse.  The best part was when I went to get in bed I found out the cats threw up all over it.  Nice!  Plus my partners computer had issues so I had to fix it.  He really needs a new machine but there is this problem called money.

I got my tooth drilled today at the dentist, my teeth are very sensitive now. That always happens after dental work but it’s been so long since I had anything done I forgot about it.  We had a nice supper and a cute waiter.  We also took a short nap together.  I still have plenty of stuff to get done around here but really just want to relax.  It’s coming up on 10pm and I am still adjusting from Eastern to Central time.  I think it’s time to veg a little.

Way too stressful of a week but I accomplished both installations and got super lucky with both of them.  They were done in hours instead of days.  I’m getting smarter as time goes on so I really have this down to a science.  Plus this time I shipped back all of the unused equipment so it will be less to order for the next install.  The number of places that have WIFI is getting less, which means there is less of a reason to have me travel. I kind of like the sound of that.  Traveling is nice in that it gets me out of the office.  However, each time when I return I really just want to go back on the road and kind of live my life at a distance.  Don’t get me wrong I miss home but it’s nice to get a break.

Okay, off to try to veg but not w/o taking care of some laundry.  Sorry for the long update and delay but as you can see I was super busy and very tired.  I will keep you posted on how things go Monday, it may be that I am worked up over nothing.

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Jude said...

Wow that was an eventful trip for you! I hope all goes well on Monday too, it SHOULD as you did nothing wrong.

I'm glad you're back home safely and that Big Boy was okay.

Enjoy the weekend!