04 January 2013

Bite Your Tongue

I was late in getting to sleep last night but was really thinking of going into work, despite how I felt.  I had a nice plan all worked out to only work part of the day but that all changed when I woke up.

My partner being an older gentleman has all sorts of things wrong with him.  He hates his dry mouth, which comes from Diabetes and it not being totally controlled.  So he has been chewing gum to solve the problem.  Last night he was doing some work and chomping away.  Turns out he bit his Tongue.  He is on blood thinners so a simple cut can bleed for hours.  Sure enough he did this around 9:30pm last night and was still bleeding this morning at 6:20 am when I got up.  Well that pretty well synched it for me.  I knew I was staying home then.  He wanted me to go to work but secretly he wanted me to stay home to take care of him.


I kept telling him he needs to go to the hospital but he fought me for at least an hour.  I called his dentist for some tips they said direct pressure for 10 minutes should do the trick.  Well that didn’t work.  It’s not like he took out a large portion it was just a simple nick.  He said if I get dressed will you take me to the hospital, sure why not.  The photo above isn’t his tongue, it actually looked worse than this photo but it was from all of the bleeding.  Plus he was as pale as a ghost. 

So from 9 until 12 noon we sat there.  They kept giving him gauze to apply but it wasn’t working.  Then they came up with some treated Styrofoam gel pad that should help.  It too didn’t work.  So they gave him a shot of Lidocaine and that of course burns he screamed but managed to get through it.  There were multiple injections.  After a bit that seemed to do the trick.  However, to make sure they cauterized it.  Then his lip started bleeding because it was so dry.  There was nothing to be done for that it was minor blood so they let him go. 

In the process of helping him I bent over to pick up a towel he dropped and my Otter Box holster once again fell apart.  I just got this replacement and it lasted all of a week.  Love their products but they are so NOT durable.  I’ve filed another warranty claim and hope they will replace this one as well.  1 year warranty.  On my initial claim they were very responsive.  This being my second claim they are dragging their feet.

I also got one of the problem children from work to bother me this morning.  Their machine “wouldn’t turn on”.  Then it was on but they screen, keyboard and mouse were not working and the fan was making a strange noise.  WTF am I am supposed to do with that when I am at home sick?  No way to fix it and the story about what was going on kept changing every couple minutes.  Finally I decided you will have to use a spare machine.  They wanted me to send them home.  Yeah, right that is not within my power.  I wrote their boss and told them they wanted to go home because their computer didn’t work.  Next thing I heard was they told me to use a spare machine.  Duh!  That’s what I said.  You can limp by.  Now I have a bunch of crap waiting for me when I get back.  Thought about going in tomorrow but decided against it because I should recuperate and enjoy my weekend.  This is my last week home, then the following week on the 14th I will be traveling on Mission Impossible.

The laundry is backed up, I’m tired and my guy is sick plus tired.  What a fun weekend this is going to be.  Perhaps it will go better than I think it will just as long as it doesn’t go by too fast. 

That’s a wrap on Friday.  Just a little bit of surfing to do and then I will be on my way to the bedroom to watch TV.  Talk with you peeps later. 


Jude said...

Oh man, your poor hubby!! I hope his tongue is healing and better today.

Any time I've bitten my tongue I keep biting it over and over in the same spot, I guess because it swells a bit.

I hope your weekend is more relaxing than yesterday was!

. said...

I can relate to your job...it's amazing how people complain about a PC not working and they just really want to not do any work. Especially since you're at home sick...sounds like you need a back up person but I bet your boss is too stingy to allow that to happen. Wow...get well soon Jeremy and I hope your partner is feeling better soon. Have a good week!!