02 January 2013


So I called the doctor and they were surprised that I needed 2 medications for my sinus problem.  It’s no doubt the start of an infection so why not head it off with antibiotics.  I know I will need them eventually.  Someone is supposed to call me from the docs office.  That probably won’t happen until we get closer to the end of the day.  I’m in misery.  Chop off my nose and I will be fine.  My left nostril burns from all of the blowing.  I wish the work part of the day was over with.

I could just say I don’t feel well, which is true and go home.  However, here I am a trooper still at the office with not much to do.  It’s okay I like it when I get caught up.  I’m waiting for the sick machine to roll in, something tells me it won’t be here until tomorrow.  I just hope that I make it in tomorrow – kind of depends upon how I feel.

That 2nd box of Kleenex is feeling a bit light.  You can look at my trash can and tell what I have been doing all day long.  Me thinks I might have some Benadryl with me.  I’m going to check, anything is better than this.  Even feeling sleepy and not being able to take a nap. 

We had some internet issues again at work, they were momentary.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any good monitoring tools in place.  The outside IT Firm we use is happy to come on site and set something up, plus our router needs a firmware upgrade really bad.  However, that all costs money and knowing the cheap skate like I do, he feels I should be able to take care of it.  Yeah, but I’m not a network guru.  You make a wrong move in the router and no one will be surfing the internet and I will be standing in the middle of the street.  No thanks, I would just as soon let someone who knows what they are doing take care of it.  I just have to call to schedule it and right now I’m just not motivated. 

People have discovered a loop hole in the content filtering system and with the upgrade it would patch the loop hole and I think solve 99% of the problems we are having.  Too many people are on Facebook and streaming video.  Nothing kills bandwidth like multiple streams. We could also use an upgrade to our circuit but again that would cost money.

Ok off to look to see what meds I have with me to see if I can find something that will provide the relief I need.  Talk with you peeps later! 


. said...

Hey Jeremy...Happy New Year and get well soon...not fun to not feel well.

Jude said...

Oh damn I'm sorry you're feeling sick! I hope you get your meds and they help get you better ASAP.

Take care of you!