24 January 2013

Friday 13th

What is with today?  It’s been the day from hell.  Everything that could break pretty much did.  It was odd stuff and I have been pulled in every direction.  I even forgot a couple people.  That is what happens when you’re a one man band.

One of the ladies I work with called in sick today.  She texted me this afternoon, that they fired her.  I knew that it was going to happen sooner or later.  She was the one person that I worked with that I really, really liked.  The problem is she made one mistake months ago and that was her undoing.  The writing was on the wall back in November but she chose to ignore it and press on.  At least she got a couple extra months.  Yes, where I work it’s truly dog eat dog.  People will smile to your face but talk behind your back.  I can’t wait until I get back into “corporate America” where the pay and benefits are better.  Right now I’m comfy but this is just another subtle reminder to me that your not safe anywhere. 

I just got home after enjoying a nice supper.  We had a hot waiter and my partner wanted him.  I said to him yeah, well your married.  He said so are you.  Touché! 

I am honestly sick of the computer after the day I had.  I’m headed to relaxation land.  Tomorrow night I get to do laundry and wash my bed clothes.  Oh what fun.  Plus we have a winter storm that is supposed to roll in tonight.  Could be icy tomorrow morning, which will make the commute tricky.

Oh yeah, I tried to refill my medication thru the pharmacy and the doctors office called this afternoon saying that I needed to come in.  I didn’t understand why because in the end they are going to send me packing with a prescription for an antibiotic.  So I lied and told them I was getting on an airplane in the morning and really would appreciate it if they could help me out.  The nurse was sympathetic and said she would try to work something out.  I called the pharmacy on the way home, they denied the refill and said they would be calling back with another script but never did.  Awesome!  So tomorrow I will have to try to get an appointment at my allergist for Saturday if they are still doing those.  Otherwise it will be doc in the box.  The office visit is the most expensive part for me about getting sick.  Office visits aren’t covered by my insurance and my doctor is $175 but the Allergist is $78.  Doc in the box will cost a couple hundred dollars.  FML.

Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

That sucks about your prescription, I can't believe how expensive an office visit is!! Here, we go to the doctor's office as much as we need to and don't even think about it.

That's too bad the one lady you liked got fired. Whatever her "mistake" was must have been pretty bad!

The weekend is upon you, enjoy!