27 January 2013

Cut the nipple

Yes, I am still among the living.  Despite how I feel.  My appointment went well with the allergist.  He is the gayest acting straight man I have ever seen in my life.  He uses words like Fabulous and Outstanding way too often.  I got a new steroid nose spray and some antibiotics.  I still feel like crap.  My head feels like a basketball.  Knowing full well that if I feel like this when I wake up tomorrow there is no way I will go to work, I decided against better judgment to go back to steroids.  I’m stealing the cats medicine and I actually feel bad about it but I paid for it.  Hopefully I don’t start meowing and I don’t have any side effects from it.  The normal steroid is Prednisone but cats get Prednisolone which is absorbed in the liver.  It’s the same drug just metabolized differently.

I talked with my friend that I used to work with.  It took a couple days to get through but I finally did.  We each learned some interesting stuff.  This little episode just reinforced how I should trust no one there.  They are all a bunch of backstabbers and two faced people. 

Friday night I stayed way lay and got engrossed in a conversation with our HR person.  I learned a bit from that conversation as well.  However, we talked about work for like 30 minutes.  The rest of the conversation was about our lives.  The next thing you know an hour and a half went by.  Holy crap!

Then I went back on Saturday to accomplish the rest of what I wanted to do Friday but didn’t get a chance to.  Which was cleaning my desk and rearranging things.  I took my time but didn’t want to stay too long. 

I’ve noticed a pattern every time I say or think about leaving early, it never happens.  So from now on I’m not going to talk about it, just going to do it.  Maybe I will have better results.

On the personal front I am turning in to quite the stalker.  Remember me talking about the hot waiters.  Well when you pay your bill you get a receipt that tells you for example your waiters name was John T .  Putting my detective skills to use I have found 2 waiters last names and Facebook Pages.  It’s actually Facebook that does the helping.  I guess I am just a nosy sob who happens to be gay and horny!  That is as far as I will take it just to find out their names.  Kind of interesting.

I’ve talked about shaving my chest before.  Well I decided to let the hair grow back and it is coming back slowly, which I think looks pretty sexy.  I also used to shave the hair around my nipples but let it grow back.  Tonight I decided to shave the nips and holy crap I cut my nipple.  That is not a pleasurable experience!  Say OUCH along with several other words. 

My partner is doing okay, still has his health issues.  He is sick as well.  So its like one of us starts to feel better but we are just passing it back and forth.  Plus the cold weather doesn’t help.  Come on spring so I can be well again.  His mobility is what scares me, he looses his balance too easily.  Plus he doesn’t take that good of care of himself in my opinion.  Too many worries on my part, not a good thing.

He told me that he heard from one of his friends spouse that it will be days and his friend will be dead.  He’s got cancer.  My partner always hates when his friends die, probably because it reminds him of his own mortality.  I don’t break out in a dance when my friends die either.  I think I mentioned a class mate died of a heart attack in his sleep he was 40.  He was married, had a couple kids and 17 dogs.  Yeah and I thought my hands were full. 

Speaking of the children.  Everyone is doing okay.  I’ve got to get Shy Girl, it’s claw trimming time again but I honestly don’t want to do it.  I think I will put it off.  I’ve told her about it so she is on the defense already.  If I see her sticking to things that’s when I will move in sooner rather than later.  I want her to be comfortable, but I don’t like dealing with the ordeal of capturing her.  Usually because it ends up that I get peed on.  She gets mad at me and then it takes time for her to like me again.  I got my bed clothes washed and the cat pee smell out of my room.  Now it’s in my bathroom, the little bastard went in the tub again.  I so hate that.  Momma is chewing on herself.  I know she has some form of an allergic reaction but it seems it’s getting worse and not better.  Short doses of steroids help calm things down a bit but then she hates me for giving her medicine.  Argh!

Monday will be a busy day for me.  I’ve been working all weekend on a machine that had virus defs outdated from 2008.  The thing is so infected there is only one way I know to fix it.  That’s right format and start over.  So I will be building a replacement machine and shipping it out, might get done Monday might be Tuesday.  Plus there are other things on my plate as well.  I’ve got to find a recycler for our printers, computers and monitors that no longer work.  The thing is most of those places charge fees for taking the stuff but knowing my boss like I do, he won’t want to pay anything.  So it’s extra tough.  We are simply running out of room.  Most of what we have is bad printers because they are so hard on them. 

My partner has a dentist appointment late in the afternoon so he warned me already there will be no supper.  So I will be stopping off to grab a bite to eat before I come home.  My heart is set on Mexican but my wallet likes Denny’s because I have a coupon. 

Showtime’s Shameless series is on the air right now.  I’ve got the DVR taking care of that.  I like to watch after it’s over with.  While I enjoy all of the characters and the story line.  I’m interested in Ian because he is a hot young gay boy.  What a way to end the night seeing that show and then falling asleep.  Talk about sweet dreams!

Well I need to scoot, got a few loose ends to wrap up and finishing up on laundry.  Then it will be time to call it a night.  I think waking up early tomorrow is going to suck balls!  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Yowchie on the nipple!!! I've just caught my fingernail on mine sometimes and it's excrutiating! I don't know how women stand it who are into BDSM and get clothespins or clamps put on them, LOL