25 January 2013

Friday :)

Well we made it again to the best part of the week.  No RX from my regular doctor.  I called the allergist this morning and he will be seeing me tomorrow morning.  I should be well taken care of, just want to get this infection under control.  Mornings are the worst but I can feel myself starting to get a little better.  One thing that I know I am in desperate need of is rest and hopefully I can get that tonight and again tomorrow.

There is plenty of laundry to do this week end, seems like a never ending battle.  However, I will do my best to fit it all in and see how well I can make out. 

Work is kind of a mess right now.  I’ve got little things going here and there.  Sort of in a land of confusion.  Right now I am working on a personal machine for someone that is severely infected with malware.  They have NO AV protection at all.  I’ve got a feeling this will be a nightmare in the works.

I really feel bad for the lady that got screwed over yesterday.  I miss working with her and seeing her face.  However, in the end I know she is better off.  I sent her an e-mail last night and I really wish she would respond.  However, people tend to go their own way once they are no longer working with you.  The job that she was in has been held by 8 different people in the last 2 years and all of them were fired.  I guess maybe they want too much.  I know that if others can get away with it, they blame you for their mistakes and it makes you look bad.  Suddenly no one likes you and the next thing you know you no longer have a job. 

So in a few minutes I will be leaving the office to meet up with an old co-worker from my last job.  I am sure it will be a good time.  I just hope we are able to get some good food for lunch.  I will enjoy getting away and won’t want to come back but I know that crap here won’t get done on it’s own.  I think I might be able to get away with leaving early today, will have to wait and see. 

It’s been a long morning.  I’ve got one lady driving me nuts over how things print out for her and she keeps reminding me that I am the IT Person.  I want to bitch slap her.  She gets me so angry.  I cringe when she calls.  Very dumb lady who is like a dog with a bone.  She lets nothing go. 

Fudge is about all I can say.  Time to break out the coat and go grab my lunch.  Hope that you have a nice weekend.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

I hope you'll be able to get meds to help you feel better ASAP, being sick is not fun.

Enjoy your weekend!