22 January 2013


My poor body needs rest.  I can tell I am sick but the steroids help mask most of it.  I gave in today and started on my reserve supply of antibiotics.  That will help me hopefully avoid the doctor.  I really would like to stay home, call in and go see him but I am much better off going to work despite not wanting to. 

Today it snowed, I thought all of the women would start crowing and have to leave early but much to my surprise we had a couple comments but that’s it.  Shoot, I was hoping that was my out. 

We got free lunch today.  Pizza not bad.  From reading my post yesterday you know what’s for supper tonight.  Yup, chili.  We have perfect weather for it.  Cold + snow = chili and snuggling up with your bad self in sweat pants.  I’ve got plans to take it easy tonight, but we will see if they materialize. 

One of the ladies here that drives me crazy has started again.  She needles me to death about every little computer problem.  I mean I’ve got a job to do and all but Jesus give me a freakin’ break.  I spend more time with her than anyone else in the office.  I know eventually someone is going to start asking questions.

Spent my morning with Blackberry for 2 hours.  They decided to shut down the management website that they made available.  It took me 15 minutes to setup a new device, now were back to 2 hours.  I can only hope that they come up with a replacement or that we all get iPhones soon.  I don’t think either one will happen, which is kind of frustrating.

I’m still working on that neck breaking calendar project.  However, I am almost done.  Can’t wait to get rid of it. 

Today is pay day and we got our tax forms as well.  I got my statement from unemployment and my 401k so I am as good as ready to file.  I will tackle that next month.  I’ve got to pay bills, I prefer to do it tonight but it can wait a few days.  I mean I’m good for the rest of the month.

My partners doctors appointment is tomorrow morning.  I hope they can patch him up w/o putting him in the hospital.  I think a catheter and some more water pills should do the trick.  Time will tell.

Oh I edited the name of the movie I spoke about yesterday it’s Bear City.  I saw the title last night on Netflix and it bugged me all night long.  I started watching Season 1 of The Real World.  Wow life was different back then. 

Well I guess I should get back to it, this job won’t do it’s self and I only have 1 hour left before it’s time for home.  I just hope that I get home without a lot of traffic and trouble.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

I hope you feel better soon, and that the crazy lady in the office starts leaving you alone, LOL!

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you hubby's appointment tomorrow.