29 January 2013

Tide on Tuesday

So today is a little better.  Boss man has only bothered me once today.  It was about setting up a hot spot on his phone so he could use his computer.  Apparently the pc he has here @ home “blew up”.  Geez that doesn’t sound good at all.  He is supposed to get a new one but not sure when.  I have a feeling I will be configuring that machine.  The phone and computer both were being difficult but I got them working.  I only pray that when he turns on his laptop tonight it works with his phone w/o any problems.  Please God, please.  I beg of thee!

I’ve been busy today playing catch up from yesterday.  Got one machine out.  Working on the second one.  I am missing some software to be able to complete the process, so hopefully that gets to me tomorrow.

Conference call that was scheduled for today was cancelled, which was good because I can use every minute I can get to catch up on work. There is mounds of the stuff and it seems to only get bigger.

Called home at Lunch time and Hubby wasn’t feeling too well.  Sounds like something he ate didn’t agree with him.  Last night we went out for Mexican Food and he had plain old bbq chicken wings.  He loves them and has has them many times before.  Not sure what it is.  Just hope he is better soon!

A local bar that we go to is having Taco Tuesday, I’d love to try it but cost and the fact that Hubby isn’t well makes me think we will be eating Corndogs for supper at home.  We haven’t had those in a while.  Dip them in mustard and they are so good.  Not good for you, but good.

Jumper woke me up in the middle of the night, he wanted out of my room.  I knew why as soon as I woke up.  He went to the bathroom and wanted to get out before the smell hit.  Of course where does he leave his present right by my bed, just about where I put my feet.  Thankfully I managed to avoid it since I was moving in the dark.  Turned on the lights this morning and damn if I didn’t step in it.  Should have kept the lights off.  Anyway, not sure what that was about but hopefully it’s not a reoccurring thing. 

All of the children were demanding attention last night.  Big Boy, Jumper, Momma and one of her girls.  Shy girl wasn’t around.  Sometimes she joins us for TV time.  They all love to congregate in my room.  I am okay with that.

It’s been a while since I have said Thank You.  I looked at my stats report the other day and am totally amazed of all of the hits I get from around the world.  So thanks for stopping by regardless if it’s your first time or you’re a repeat visitor.  I love positive attention, so if you’d like to make my day, leave a comment.  I’m a friendly person.  :)

Well just a little bit more and the day will be done.  So I will talk with you peeps later.  Be well.

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Jude said...

Yes people, Jeremy is a friendly person! :)

Eeeww stepping in pet "stuff" of any kind is awful, especially first thing in the morning. *gag*

I hope your hubby is feeling better. Mine seems to be coming down with some flu. Ugh.

I hope your day is a good one!