21 January 2013


It’s been bonkers here at the office.  So much so that lunch time came and I was still working.  Plenty of boxes in my office with computer equipment in them.  I just got it all cleaned out before I left.  Now it’s messy again. 
A printer blew up while I was gone so they replaced it.  Two people moved desks and managed to move their own computer equipment, kind of nice.  I had to swap their phones but that was a 15 minute job.  Hooked up some Dual Screen monitors today and worked on configuring a Desktop.  Plus playing catch up and fielding calls & e-mails.
I’ve been working on this boring project for hours my neck hurts and I decided to take a break, well actually to end my day early, just no one knows that, so don’t go telling on me.  ::)
Something strange is going on here with 2 people moving, everyone seems to be acting a little different and I’ve got a feeling there is something brewing.  I just don’t know what.  I keep to myself and stay in my office, that way I stay out of trouble.
Oh the big mess with that ladies files, yeah it’s still being worked on.  Apparently the server that has the data on it, keeps crashing when you try to do a large file restore.  So they are having to do it in chunks.  It’s been on going since Friday.  Maybe by this Friday they will be done.  In any case I didn’t get in trouble, at least not yet.  I’m not expecting to now. 
Boss man seems very busy, I was told he is dealing with a lot of stuff right now.  I’m okay with that.  Let me be and I am fine.
On more of a personal note.  I saw a great movie this weekend on NetFlix called Bear City.  It’s about a young guy who likes Bears and I don’t mean the animal.  Kind of interesting.  This was  a Netflix recommendation.  If your in to watching Gay Movies, give this one a look.
I am also very happy that Shameless is back on on Showtime.  I saw the 2nd episode of the season last night.  It’s really good.  My main reason for watching is Ian – he is young, cute and gay.  The actor that plays the part is really getting buff.  I’d take me some Ian any day!
While I was out shopping this weekend, I picked up Vaseline Lotion for Men for Extra Dry Skin.  This stuff was cheap and does a great job.  My hands don’t feel greasy after I use it and it’s marketed to use on your body and face.  If you have dry skin guys, check this out.
It was hard to come back today but I made it almost through the entire day.  Now if my partner could just remember that we are having Pork Roast tonight and not Chili life would be good.  He’s talked about Chili for supper tonight since yesterday when I suggested a Pork Roast.  I keep reminding him about the Roast and he says yeah I forgot.  Turns out he tried to make chili but we don’t have the ingredients.  He called me in a panic and I told him make the roast.  I’m starting to worry more about him.
I think that I’ve told you before when I was younger and in therapy, my therapist a gay man himself told me not to fall in love with an older man.  He didn’t say why.  Funny how things turned out.  Like that was my warning sign.  I’ve been through hell and back.  Now I’m watching him fall apart slowly – physically and mentally.  He doesn’t take as good of care of himself as he should. 
Right now he’s got breathing problems.  He is going back to the doctor on Wednesday.  I think they might hospitalize him again.  If so, that will be a bitch.  I hope they just up his meds.  He walks a little bit and is out of breath like he just ran a marathon.  Kind of sad.  I think it’s his CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) giving him trouble.  Last time over the summer he forgot to take his medicine for a couple days.  He tells me now that he is taking his medicine. 
Tonight I’ve got to take care of the trash, pack my lunch, play a little bit on the computer and the rest of the time will be in front of the TV waiting for time to go to bed.  At least I won’t be working myself to death like I was last week.  My body is still trying to recover.  I only hope it does so quickly.  I shouldn’t have any problems sleeping tonight!
Hope all is well in your world.  I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you this week, now that you're back. I hope the rest of the week is good. :-)

Hopefully your hubby's visit to the doctor Wednesday will not result in being hospitalized. I'm sorry to know he's going through so much healthwise, that must be so hard for you. Keep us posted, and I'll keep him in my prayers.