04 February 2013


Life has been busy for me lately.  Friday I got out early, we went to Red Lobster to eat and had a really good time.  Saturday we got a late start but we went to Maggiano’s and again had a good time, not to mention good food.  Sunday was work day.  My partner went to fix his bathroom sink and wound up having to redo all of the plumbing to it.  Quite a mess.  We also wiped his computer and started to rebuild it from scratch.  I spent most of my time on this.  In fact it’s still on going and probably will be for a little while.

The replacement medication I found turns out wasn’t as strong as what I was getting from Canada.  So to replace one pill now I have to take two.  Pseudoephedrine is the reason why I am having problems.  It’s what Meth Heads use to make Meth, so the sale of it is limited here in the US and you have to show Government ID when you purchase it, so they can keep track of how much you have.  There is a legal limit each person is allowed to posses.  I need it for my allergies but because of druggies I get punished.  The way around this is to have a doctor write a prescription.  My insurance won’t cover it but I can get larger quantities and not have to show ID.  I’m testing the medication this week and if it works like it should, then I will be talking with my allergist for a prescription.  

My regular doctor is very slow at prescription writing.  I finally got a couple medications from him.  The one thing that I really need for sleep he left out, so I have to pester him again.  I really don’t want to switch doctors, but this guy is starting to push my buttons. 

Shy girl got her claws trimmed yesterday.  She has diarrhea and I guess wasn’t feeling the greatest.  Then I come in like some Monster to trim her claws.  It was not a pretty picture.  Her claws however are nice and trim now. I brushed her and cleaned her up as best as she would let me.  She bit me a couple times.  The welding gloves helped shield me from the worst of it but I have some minor swelling in my hand, which I presume will dissipate with time.  I just wish I could make her understand that I won’t her her, I just want to trim her claws, brush her and then I will leave her alone.  No fuss, no muss.  However, she makes it in to a bigger deal.  Last night I though she was going to have a heart attack she was so worked up.  All of the taking and petting I did, really didn’t help. 

Oh, the best news yet.  We have water.  Actually we have had water since Thursday but were under a boil order.  That was lifted yesterday so life is back to normal.

We did our grocery shopping late in the afternoon but there were still tons of people at the store.  Lots of cute/hot guys.  I saw one that was wearing a sweat shirt that said something drilling team.  I wanted to tell him he could drill me anytime.  It would have been a cheap line but I was tempted. 

The Super Bowl starts way too late in the day.  I was trying to get stuff done with the partners PC and trying to keep laundry going.  As it is I am behind but it’s on his laundry, not mine! 

Don’t ask me why but I did what I consider to be a stupid thing.  I subscribed again to Sirius Radio.  They had a special going so I have it for 6 months.  Unless something really moves me I will be turning it off.  I honestly don’t need it.  I missed OutQ.  However, after listening this morning I really found out that I wasn’t missing much.  Perhaps the drive home with Derrick & Romaine will be more enjoyable. 

So it’s supposed to be a crazy busy day but here I sit in the office and I am ready to go home.  I have work to do but really don’t desire to start on any of it at all.  Plus I have people that are supposed to call me so I can help them.  I’ve got a conference call this afternoon and another one on Wednesday. From a stress standpoint I hope that this week is nothing even close to what last week was like.  I do hope that the week moves fast because I am ready for another weekend. 

I should get going despite not wanting to, otherwise this day will be as entertaining as watching water boil.  I will talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

I'm glad to hear you have water again, that's a plus! And I really hope these meds you're testing work well for you and you can get a prescription for them. Good luck!

Poor Shy Girl, she just doesn't understand you only want to help her. :-(

Hope your week is good my friend!