30 May 2013

One more day

I have a bunch of hardware to configure but I can’t do anything with it because other projects keep rolling in.  Right now a security project came my way so I have been creating logins for people, it’s time consuming and boring.  Times like these I wish I had a helper.  I could delegate the crap work to them.  It will be a couple days before I am done because I have to do the entire company and we have a ton of people here.  They come and go so fast as soon as I get access in place I have to turn it off.

I called about the auto discount on new cars and was told that they would be willing to help me as a one time gesture of kindness but after that I would be on my own.  Something is NOT right here.  I can keep health insurance but I don’t qualify for discounts on a new car?  WTF?  So I will be writing a letter and sending it to Executive Management perhaps they will be able to help me.  If not when it’s time for a new car I may switch brands.  Right now I am in no position to buy a new car, despite the fact that I would like to trade both in on something new.  It’s not good timing.  If I took their offer I would have 12 months before it would expire but it’s use it or loose it.  If I was of a different sex this wouldn’t even be a problem.  Either they will cave and give it to me or it’s just something I will let die.  No sense in driving myself nutz.

No further word on the Death Benefit.  I did get a note yesterday from a UAW attorney and was a little confused by it because she is working on the case but they also referred me to outside counsel.  Clearly the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  I didn’t say a word because if outside counsel isn’t able to persuade them then I have another attorney in my pocket, perhaps.  I would very much like to litigate this matter it’s just my pockets aren’t deep and I am unclear if I would have to go to DC or if we could have a local trial. 

Jumper has been coughing on occasion, I am a little concerned.  I broke out the stethoscope to listen and all the little bastard did was purr.  I couldn’t get him to stop.  Cats put up a brave front and are the masters of disguise, they can be seriously ill and you might not realize it for a couple days.  He is eating, drinking, using the bathroom and sleeping okay.  So I am just perplexed if I should take him in or wait it out. 

Still thinking this whole mess is a dream and I am waiting to wake up.  I know it’s not a dream but sometimes it’s difficult to accept and deal with reality.  I think if I didn’t have to battle with people because I am gay and we were in a Civil Union this process would go by quicker and I would feel much better.  However, every time I turn around there seems to be something else to deal with.

I approach the mailbox with the Dr. Sheldon Cooper,Phd. quote…I wonder what fresh hell awaits me.  Each day there seems to be something.  Thankfully, last night all I got was an insurance bill for the truck.  $140 to add it to my policy from now until September.  Then my rate goes from $300 to $450.  Not too bad, it’s far cheaper because he had an accident.

I want to go home, just sleep and be left alone to do whatever I feel like doing.  That is kind of what Friday night will be all about.  I just need me time to veg out.  That doesn’t seem to exist right now.  I am busier now that he is gone than I was when he was alive!  Plus always trying to figure out what to eat is a pain in the tucas.  Not sure what is in store for tonight.  I really want a BBQ Burger but it won’t be something I make. 

Off to lunch and then back to my access nightmare.  Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Hopefully Jumper's cough is just a temporary thing, if he's eating and sleeping etc. normally then he may just be okay.

Here's to a restful weekend for you!