22 May 2013

Can we talk?

A famous line from Joan Rivers.  Yeah, I’m that old. 

So I talked with the boss today about something and just came out with my concerns.  He addressed them positively and told me I was doing a good job.  While it was comforting I still feel like my days are numbered.  It did cheer me up though, so I am just riding the wave for what it’s worth.

I called the attorneys office that is supposed to be helping me with my appeal.  They were supposed to call me back today but I didn’t expect that would happen.  Hopefully, they call tomorrow.  I just need a letter written that sounds intimidating and gets me the money I am entitled to.

I also found out that our Civil Union does obligate me to pay my guys medical bills.  However, the state in which he passed away they do not recognize Civil Unions so his Death Certificate says Divorced.  I am running with that and unless someone thinks to check, he was divorced so good luck collecting from a dead guy.  My biggest concern is the ambulance bills that he had, there were like 3 or 4 of them and he was making payments.  I fully anticipate to have to pay them.  Otherwise, I THINK most of his other medical bills will go away simply by me sending a death certificate.

All of this stress, my neck is killing me.  I found a new massage place in town.  I am considering giving them a call, not that I can afford it but I require pampering and probably always will.  Note to any potential future boyfriends.

Well time to head home to the muffins and whip up a TV Dinner.  Yee haw, I am so excited.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Note to future boyfriends, LOL!!!

I'm glad you had that chat with your boss, maybe he'll realize the impact his bad moods have on you and think twice before he rants next time. Maybe.