12 May 2013

Busy Weekend

Weekends are by far the worst time for me.  Lots of alone time and time to think and reflect.  Not good and I usually wind up in a depression.  Keeping busy does help but I don’t want to deny or mask what has happened, it’s something that I have to deal with.  With this being only the first month it’s obviously still difficult.  Things are still fresh and new and I know that I will have my moments. 

My iPad didn’t ship until Friday which means it won’t show up until Monday.  I spoke with the vendor on Friday and tried everything I could think of to get it rerouted OR to get at least a credit for shipping.  Both were denied.  Seriously!  Then to add fuel to the fire I was told “I don’t care if you buy from me or not”.  That fucking pissed me off.  Here I was trying to save money and help a friend now I am so angry that out of spite I went to a retail store and paid full price.  So I got my iPad, I got a better warranty protection and it’s renewable unlike Apple’s and a case w/ a keyboard for $135 more than what I would have been paying.  The retail price of the iPad & warranty are what raised the difference.  I got the case from AT&T and I get a sweet discount there so it was totally worth it.  Come Monday I will be calling and returning the order that I placed from work, I mean if he doesn’t care then why should I.  That is just piss poor customer service.

I got to leave early on Friday so the kids were not the wiser as to why daddy was late.  I walked in about same time as normal.  I set up the iPad and getting that accomplished was a bit of a challenge.  Now that it’s done and over with, the iPad has lost it’s luster to me.  I will still use it and have played with it a bit.  I see many uses but there is just no way I could leave on a plane and use it for work.  I mean everyone else swears by it but I have to have my laptop.  There is so much you can’t do on an iPad that would cause me problems.  It’s great for personal stuff and for e-mail but outside of that I that is where I draw the line.

I renewed my guys license plates, got his oil changed and filled up the tank.  Went for a little drive around town all went well.  I will probably start driving it a little on weekends so it doesn’t get old and rusty.  It’s great to have a 2nd vehicle option but cost wise it will be a killer.  Long term I will sell it for as much as I can get out of it, but it will be a while before that happens.

I went to a different grocery store today, for a little variety.  It cost more but it was so worth it.  I got my Mexican on!  I also saw this blue eyed, slight muscle, nice ass hunk.  He was trying to decide what meat to buy.  I would have been happy to sell him my tube steak.  Yeah, I really went gaga over him and had to seriously make an effort to keep my composure.  I couldn’t stop staring at his ass, it is what I think is the best part about a guy.  I mean we all have our favorite body parts and that is one of my top ones!

I got confusing news from the bank, one day they sent a letter saying because he was in bankruptcy they couldn’t change the name.  The next day they sent a letter saying they are processing my request.  Color me confused.  I wrote and asked what is going on.  Can’t wait for that explanation, I hope it’s all good but I am prepared for the worse.  I am making arrangements to try to get my own financing if that can happen, then I will talk with the lawyer about transferring the house in my name.  There are about 11 years to pay and then it will be free and clear.  I should hopefully be able to refinance that for 15 years and get a lower rate.  The only thing is I am not sure what I will qualify for since I filed Bankruptcy last year. 

I also am confused by one of his unions.  They are supposed to pay the surviving spouse a death benefit.  Now they are telling me that it will go to his children.  So I have to get clarification if they consider me a surviving spouse or the person who gets the money or if they in fact know about his son.  If the money is going to anyone else but me, then I will simply walk away.  I am not helping anyone profit from his death, especially his son.  Who wasn’t there for him.  I mean he could have left his son something but he totally excluded him and that was done for a reason.  Now all I want is what is legally and rightfully mine, I sure hope they don’t try to keep this last bit of money from me.  I am counting on it to help with the mortgage. 

The silly fire department since a bill for the ambulance and it was all in red.  I know this bill was for past service and not the last run they made with him.  I’ve told them once he is dead.  Now I am simply not opening the letter, and returning it marked Deceased Return To Sender.  Hopefully that will get the message across.  I mean how does one collect from a dead person? 

The local hospital also sent their final bill for recent service.  I sent them another copy of the death certificate and explained that I was told they would write it off.  I suspect they will. 

I got the kitchen all cleaned up last night and talked with an old co-worker/friend.  She wouldn’t shutup we went on for 3 hours and it was close to 1am before I simply told her that I had to get to bed I was ready to pass out and I was.  I hung up the phone and sat in front of the TV for a little bit and then it was lights out. 

Got all of the dishes washed, dish washer cleaned, laundry done, lunch packed and I am ready for the final load to dry and then I will be on relaxation boulevard for the rest of the evening.  I’m going to take it easy and hopefully watch some TV with the kids.  They are very clingy when I am home plus they compel me with guilt to feed them extra food. 

It should be a good week.  No boss all week long, religious holiday.  He can work on Monday and Friday, outside of that no work.  So he isn’t bothering to come in.  I am only work a 1/2 day on Friday and then I have the power outage to deal with on Saturday and Sunday.  Then back to normal the following Monday with boss man back in.  Then we have a 3 day weekend celebrating Memorial Day.  I will be busy on the weekend trying to price out some of my guys stuff that I am going to try to sell.  The weekend after that there is a Memorial Dinner in his name with some friends and that will be fun and difficult at the same time.  I honestly don’t know what to expect but a lot of I am sorries.  That is kind of why I didn’t have a funeral, because it would have cost extra and it would have added to my grief.  There are some people that I want to talk with and others that I don’t care if I ever see again. 

Well the last load in the washer just finished and I am headed to change it over to the dryer.  Going to play a little bit on the PC then it will be time to get ready for that R&R and I do so need it.  It’s the perfect ending to the weekend.  I just hope I can pull it off without any changes to my plan.

Here’s to what I hope is a great and fast moving week, with no complications, additional problems or stress.  Now I am really dreaming!  You have a great week and I will talk with you peeps again soon.

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Jude said...

Good for you for getting your iPad elsewhere. You're right, if he doesn't care about your business then go somewhere else.

I hope it all works out with the bank and with the union.

Hopefully this week will be smooth for you with the boss away!