09 May 2013

Treat for me

So I gave in and rewarded myself today.  I bought an iPad Series 2 with 16gb of memory in black.  I picked up Apple Care with 3 Year Accidental Damage and a Bluetooth Keyboard for $530 total.  That includes shipping.  It’s WIFI only, which is all I really need.  I have been thinking it over and decided I’ve got the money today, might as well do something for me.  I can’t get too carried away or I won’t have anything to live on.  I should have everything tomorrow.  I got it at my employers discount but paid for it with my own personal credit card.  I am having it shipped to work so I know I will get it.  Can’t trust a shipment like that to sit on the front porch all day long.  I will be taking it home tomorrow night and playing with it probably all weekend long.  I guess my weekend has been planned once again!

My boss went slightly postal again today.  Over the large equipment purchase for the EMR that we are doing.  He can’t see the need to spend $120k.  He thinks that price is “absurd”.  Yeah, okay.  I can’t do anything about the cost of the hardware.  However, he is not under any obligation to purchase it.  I know that I got him the best price.  I heard that he went to AT&T behind my back and they want double the amount just for tables, then $20k a month just for a data plan.  So it’s pretty obvious that I did my job and did it well.  Right now he is trying to just buy tablets and that is what he is interested in me purchasing.  If he goes that route, the project will fail.  People will be upset and bitch not only to me but to anyone that will listen.  All I can do is what I am told to do and no more.  That was made pretty clear to me last week.

Speaking of last week, when I traveled to do the WIFI installation a couple weeks ago, I never asked for permission to spend $2k to order the equipment.  I just took it for granted that it would be okay, I mean he did tell me to put it in, so I really don’t see where there would be a problem.  However, with him and his short fuse one never knows.  Thankfully that won’t come up for a couple months. 

Best news of the day…next week is a Jewish Holiday so we get a break.  No boss man for a whole week.  He can work on Monday and Friday but Tuesday-Thursday will be peace and quiet because there is no work.  Thank you Jesus, I mean God!

I have been all over the place today… legal, website posting, procurement and building a machine, plus dealing with every day problems of WIFI and PC’s.  Maks the day go by really fast.

I ate lunch so late that I was sick, my blood sugar was bottoming out so I ate everything in sight and when that wasn’t enough I grabbed a 2 day old bagle and nearly broke my teeth trying to bite into it.  I managed and it was okay.  I feel fine now.  Too much work and no break means I will fucking pass out.  Came close to that today.  Thankfully it didn’t happen.  However, I wonder if it did who would find me and what they would do.  Probably scream and then I would wake up and freak them out. 

Last night’s mail brought me the fresh hell of an EOB.  Turns out that it looks like my guys medical costs will only be around $1,300.  I am going to try to make that go away simply by telling people he is dead and was in bankruptcy, there is no money.  If they push me I will tell them that I had to pay for the funeral out of my own pocket, that right there should tell them hello, there really is no money.  So thinks are looking up and the best news of all is he doesn’t owe anything for the helicopter ride they didn’t get $24,k but they did get $19k not too shabby. 

Fuck feels good to say that.  I am exhausted.  My neck was bothering me today but stopped.  I need sleep really bad.  However, I like to play when I get home…taking care of the bills, eating, messing with the cats and cleaning up after them and then there is me time.  So probably won’t go right to bed when I get home but the option to be able to do that really sounds appealing.  Despite the fact I would have 7 pissed off cats. 

Plans for the weekend look like Ipad, Shopping, Cleaning, Cooking, Cat Food, Laundry and Napping.  Stressful but not too bad.  Can’t wait to get my weekend on.  Everyone will be leaving early tomorrow for the wake, but I will be staying put.  When I do leave I plan on getting my hair cut, two weeks and it grows faster than the grass at home.  Speaking of which I have to pay lawn boy.

I struck up a conversation with a guy that my partner met on-line.  The guy is 66 and just lost his wife.  So we have something in common.  We are helping each other.  It feels a little odd because we have gone down the sexual road.  However, there is just no way I will ever take an older man again.  That loss is far too much and besides that I know I will never find another my guy.  I want someone closer in age for a partner, but I would take slightly older if I had to.  Right now my options are open and I like that.  The FB guy never responded back, so I presume he is NOT interested.  Okay fine by me.  I looked through all of my yearbooks and he is no where to be pictured.  I’m going to ask my brother to look at his Senior year book, he was one year behind me so maybe but he wasn’t listed in his class. It’s just strange we are the same age and I know I went to school with him but he is like a ghost when you look in the yearbook. 

Well the day is wrapping up and I am going to wrap up as well, gotta get ready to go home and cook.  Oh fun.  I think tonight will be Frozen Lasagna even if it does take 15 minutes it is so worth it and I will probably burn my tounge.  Let’s hope there is more money in the mail!  You peeps take care and I will talk with you again soon.

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