07 May 2013

My potential first date

Heard nothing from the church last night.  I suspect that homo’s aren’t welcome and I will hear nothing.  However, I won’t count them out just yet but if there isn’t a response by the weekend then I will presume my assumption is true.

So this morning I was talking with a vendor when he mentioned match.com.  I never gave that a thought and was skeptical I mean meeting someone on-line that can be scary.  You could see a photo that looks like a hunk of burning love but when you meet IRL they turn out to be a woman or a serial killer or something.

I figured no harm in looking.  Then I found someone I went to high school with.  He’s cute and of course slim as a twig.  I completed my profile on match.com just to be able to see his.  So I am not slender but outside of that I pretty well fit the bill for what he is looking for.  He wants a LTR but is looking for the right person.

What did I do?  I talked it over with a friend and then decided to see where things go.  I sent him an e-mail via FB and told him that I saw his profile on match, so he would obviously know I was gay.  I asked if he wanted to get together for a meal sometime.  I am giddy like a school girl waiting for his response.  We could meet and not hit it off.  Right now I just want to see what happens.  I am NOT looking for a roll in the hay, but rather a companion.  Me and my hand have been working together for years and that is a safe & comfortable relationship. 

If he says yes and we go out, this will be my first date ever.  Yup, I have never ever in my life been on a date, much less hit on a guy.  I am nervous about what to say, what to wear, etc.  but nothing has been said yet.  Who knows I might not even hear from him.  I will keep you posted.

So that is my big news.  I’m actually NOT sure that this is right but it doesn’t exactly feel wrong either.  What everyone has told me is that I should do what feels right for me, because everyone is different.  You shouldn’t feel a specific way at a specific time, this is a unique experience that only I can go through and I have to make the decisions about which corner to turn next.  That is very scary.  Decision making on a professional level is easy but on a personal level I suck at it.  I always used to let my guy make decisions.  I think all day at work and the last thing I want to do when I come home is think.  However, that is life.

This morning, a funny thing happened.  Last night when I got home Shy Girl didn’t come for supper.  I called and called but nothing.  Eventually I went looking for her and found her in her favorite spot under the couch.  I said hello and she looked at me as if to say hello, what do you want.  So I  called for treats and she came running.  This morning I put 3 cans of food down like normal.  The girls ALWAYS eat together as a family.  This morning shy girl took over the plate and was growling at her mother and sister when they approached to eat.  I had to open a separate can of food just for them.  My guy would have loved that story.  Shy Girl can be possessive.  I remember when I used to buy wheat pet grass at the store, it was for #1 son but everyone chomped on it.  She took it and just dared anyone to come for it.  She was growling at everyone but no one was close to her.  Even I tried to take it from her and damn near lost a finger.  She is so funny and cute too. 

Well I am still swamped at work.  Right now I am posting documents to a website, which is not fun at all.  It’s taking up a lot of my time but hopefully in another day or so I will be done.  Then I can move on to building machines, which is the next important thing on the list.  It is the part of my job that I like the most. 

Let me know your thoughts about me moving on and my potential date.  I am kind of shocked that I actually bit the bullet and did it.

Talk with you peeps later.


Jude said...

Everyone is unique and different, and the "time period" from grieving to moving on or looking to be in a new relationship is different for everyone. Let us know what happens, if you hear back from this guy. Good luck!

Shy Girl doesn't seem so shy when she does things like this, LOL! She sounds more like a female Rambo kitty, ready to take on all who try to get near her food, hahaha

. said...

Hello Jeremy...I admire you for wanting to get out and meet people again. Life is short to not be social and find ones to help you in life. Think it's a great idea!!