01 May 2013

Playing Games

The bank who has the loan on the house wants to play games.  I got a call from them yesterday and they said that the house was in my guys name and they never received a copy of the trust paperwork, so we had nothing to discuss.  Uh hem, excuse me but we only sent it to them 7 fucking times.  Plus when I went in last month to start conversations, they told me that they had a copy of the trust. 

So last night I scanned all of the documents into PDF files and e-mailed them off once again.  Now I am waiting on a decision.  The paperwork says the house is legally mine but I have to get the blessing from the bank to either assume the mortgage or get the house put into my name.  I’ll take the assumption and then we can fight about getting it put into my name.  However, I have to have answers quickly because the Bankruptcy Court is going to rule on his case and if I don’t give them input then creditors could potentially come after the house and I could easily be homeless. 

I noticed a deposit into his bank account yesterday and did some research it was a pension check.  Small but still before things got out of hand I called this morning and was told that is mine to keep.  Nice!  Plus there will be one more deposit again small from another pension he had.  After that all of his income stops.  I’m waiting to see if Social Security deposits his check in a couple days, if so that will be a major fight to give them back their money.  I only want what is legally mine, not interested in screwing anyone over or for that matter getting screwed over myself. 

I made an appointment today to go see a clergy member on Friday after work.  Hopefully I will be able to articulate my feelings and begin to recover from this mess.  I woke up last night (Tuesday) in the middle of the night and I could hear him screaming for me, telling me that he was having a stroke.  I sure hope I don’t have many more nights like that.  I am not 100% today but I pushed myself to make it here.  I figured if I could stay up for 24 hours straight with no sleep I could easily go to work minus a couple hours sleep.  It worked out! :)

Speaking of work, I got my boss his new machine for his home shipped out.  I just hope he is happy with it and that he doesn’t destroy it anytime soon.  My INBOX is piling up but I am doing my best to keep up.  I am stuck in eDiscovery work for our legal department it is boring, eats up a lot of time, a slow and tedious process but one that is necessary.  At the rate I am going hopefully I will be done within the next 2 weeks.  I am looking at hard drives and then e-mail accounts.  Talk about a challenge.

Then our hosting provider for e-mail has decided to get out of the e-mail business.  So we have to migrate to another solution.  So I have to get pricing and proposals on that.  It’s just one of many things on my ever growing list of things to do.  Better to have a list and be swamped than have no list and wonder what to do with your time all day long. 

I hate going to the mailbox because I never know what will be waiting for me.  Tonight however I know that a package from Amazon will be there with my Puma Boxers.  Love those but wish they would make them available in other colors than black with red striping.  I ordered some vitamins for me and medicine for Big Boy, not sure if those are in but will find out in about an hour.

On the cooking front Monday was Hot Dogs and Chips, Tuesday was Pasta w/Red Sauce a heat & eat from the store and tonight will be TV Dinner(s) Fetuchinni Alfredo, I like them so much I bought two and will probably devour both of them.  Not sure about Thursday or Friday yet. 

TAZ and his buddy got into a major fight last night.  I’ve got fur everywhere to clean up.  It looks like a crime scene, no kidding.  Just no blood.  TAZ got the short end of the stick as usual.  His ears took a beating.  He didn’t look that bad this morning but I will be checking him tonight.  I also have to trim Shy Girls claws this weekend, not looking forward to that.  Everyone appears to be adjusting well to me being the only daddy now.  They are all eating like crazy, this new diet seems to have made them hungrier than ever.  I thought I could get more bang for my buck with food but the week is only 1/2 way over and it looks like it’s time to go back to the store again.  So much for saving money.

I’m kicking around a couple of ideas in my head to cut costs.  One of which is just cut back to basic cable.  The other is change his phone line to only have Call Forwarding or just totally disconnect the thing.  No one calls anyways.  I could also scale back my phone service.  I love Call Forwarding though.  Right now my home is forwarded to my cell and my cell is forwarded to my work cell so I won’t miss any calls.  Sneaky but effective.  I can see why people only want to use a cell phone.  I still like having copper around but it does cost. 

The only reason why I have a home phone is because of the alarm.  The alarm company just sent me a notice to inform me that they are raising their rates.  What lousy timing.  However, if I give them my credit card number to bill they will knock a whole $2 off the bill.  I will do that but geez now isn’t the time for things to go up. 

Got a car magazine last night and was looking at new cars.  My oh my they are expensive.  As much as I would like to make a change, given the circumstances I will keep what I have.  It’s still like new, getting 10x better gas mileage with new tires and one more year and it will be totally paid for. 

Well my time here is about up and I will be headed home.  I hope that I can relax tonight and just spend time with the kids.  I will take care of my needs and then I just want to watch TV.  It’s been a long week already and I am just tired.  I think I will be tired for a long time. 

Talk with you peeps later!


. said...

Thanks for giving us regular updates. I know you have a ton of things going on of late. Know us readers care about you!!

Jude said...

Grieving takes a LOT out of you and it can really make you feel exhausted for awhile.

I sure hope things work out in your favour with the mortgate, keeping my fingers crossed for you!