23 May 2013

1 more day, really

I called the Bank today.  They told me to call back in 14 days.  Then I got a couple calls this afternoon from them.  I sware they must delight in confusing people.  Last night I found out that the mortgage has been sold to another bank.

Here’s the bottom line, I have to call the new bank on or after 6/3 to see what they require.  It sounds like I have to qualify for an assumption, then they can modify the loan to decrease the payments.  However, no one has told me what happens if I don’t qualify.  The assumption process I am told is much more relaxed than qualifying for a mortgage on your own.  However, the end result is what you wind up with, a mortgage of your very own.  My salary should show them that I can make the present monthly payment but that I am left with a deficit when you add in other expenses.  So that said I am still just a tad nervous and I am more than confused.

I have not heard from the attorney that I called yesterday and I haven’t been able to reach his office, all I get is voice mail.  So I will try again tomorrow, but my suspicion is that his office took an early holiday weekend. 

I called the new massage place in town.  I was going to ask about how much it cost for a massage and facial for a 1st time customer.  They always give discounts to lure you in, then once your in they try to get you to buy a membership or they disclose what their future prices are.  Anyway I called and was asked if I could hold briefly.  I did so for 10 minutes and then hung up.  I haven’t called back.  I may try again tomorrow.

This weekend is busy.  I’ve got a date with Paul Walker, yup I’m going to see Fast & Furious 6.  I think tomorrow night but I am not positive.  It might wait until Saturday.  Then Saturday I have to pickup my friend who is going to help me with pricing some of my guys stuff so we can get it sold.  Nothing in store for Sunday or Monday as of yet.  I know I need a hair cut and that it’s good to go on Saturday morning when they first open, otherwise your stuck in a waiting line.  I have high expectations for myself this weekend in the way of progress with cleaning and figuring things out.  I hope that I don’t sleep the whole weekend away.

I was a little emotional this morning, just kind of hit me out of the blue like a hot flash.  Wow, this death stuff is really heavy.  It messes with most every aspect of your life from your mind to your sleep and everything else in between.

Supper last night was ready made BBQ Pulled Pork, it was awful.  I got a call from a friend which kind of took my mind off it.  Tonight I think it will be Chicken Pot Pie. 

Work bought lunch today, we had pizza.  It was okay but nothing to write home about.  I got a call from an old co-worker who wanted to lunch tomorrow but I had already asked someone else.  The other person can only 1/2 way commit.  I bet they flake out on me.  But I hope not.  I made arrangements with my old co-worker to get together next week, but I may call her if things fall apart tomorrow.  Funny thing is I was just thinking about her. 

I told her about my guy and she said who is that.  I explained and wow she was really caught off guard.  I thought the rumor mill would have exploded after I left and that the whole company would have known I am gay.  I guess not.  She didn’t act any different but I will see if it affects our friendship.  I don’t think it will but people are fickle.

Boss man is back in the office, I guess there must have been airplane trouble.  I hope he is able to get a flight out tonight or early tomorrow.  It feels weird having him here and it being Thursday.  I did a double take when he came back to the office.  Usually once he is gone you don’t see him until the next week. 

I ordered a bunch of hardware yesterday.  It will start to trickle in on Tuesday and hopefully by the end of next week I will have everything.  It’s 100 machines.  I have to touch each one, so you can bet I will be busy.  Right now is another calm before the storm.  I like the calm but hate the storm.

I have managed to finally dig out of my backlog.  I have one machine to ship out tomorrow and another one to build then the backlog is squashed.

Right now I am having a real serious problem waking up.  I mean I wake up but then I am so tired by the time I get to work I am ready to go back to bed.  I think his sleeping medicine is finally catching up to me.  I know I put my body through a lot and I have been through a lot in the past month.  However, I would have thought that I would have recovered by now.  I suppose not.

That is all I know at the moment.  Soon it will be off to the post office to see what fresh hell is waiting for me.  Hopefully, nothing bad.  I can deal with junk mail.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Wishing you best of luck with the "new bank"! I hope you catch up a little on some sleep and rest this long weekend my friend. xoxoxox