18 May 2013

It’s a date… well sort of

Remember the guy that I asked on a date?  Well he just wants to be friends.  I’ve gotten a couple messages from him.  He wants to get together next month for a drink.  I put the ball back in his court, so he can approach me with what works for him.  I suggested a Saturday.  He told me that dating is a chore but it’s also fun as well.  Yeah, I don’t think I am quite ready just yet.  I did tell him that he should feel honored because he was the first guy I asked on a date.  I think that kind of caught him off guard.  However, who couldn’t use a friend?  Making a friend that is gay, well it’s like a double bonus.  I just hope that my hormones don’t get in the way and that he turns out to be a true friend.  Time will tell.

It was like pulling teeth but I think I finally have gotten the Bank to realize that I am fucking broke.  I asked for a loan modification and had to submit 53 pages of documentation.  I am surprised they didn’t ask me for a blood sample, but I bet you it will be next on their list.  I have to give them a few days to process things and think it over.  I should hopefully know something by the end of next week.  I have elected to keep the Bankruptcy alive and make monthly payments on it.  That is the only way I can say for certain the creditors won’t come after me and the bank won’t try to pull the house away from me, despite the fact that I have legal paperwork that says it is mine.  Can you explain to me how a dead person makes a mortgage payment?  The only answer I can come up with is they fucking don’t.  It is impossible.  However, they are too stubborn to change the name and I honestly don’t think I will get credit for making the payment. 

To get a Hardship Discharge I have to come up with $10k.  That is a lot of money to part with.  There are no guarantees that I will or I won’t get it.  However, instead of parting with all of that cash right now, I am going to keep my money in the bank and earn interest on it.  I will make the monthly payments and when we get to the $10k mark in 36 to 40 months, by then enough time will have passed that I should qualify on my own for a home loan.  Plus the house at that point will only have 7 years left for me to pay it off.  So I just think it will all come together.

I had to change the Water, Sewer & Trash bill into my name.  Since I had 1/2 day off Friday that is what has allowed me to make so much progress with so little time.  I went to make the change and the first person I spoke with told me that they needed $125 deposit.  They had no idea what a Civil Union was.  Then I talked with the Clerk and she agreed to waive the deposit since I have been living here and they had my name on file as making payments in the past.  She too didn’t know what a Civil Union was, I said it’s gay marriage.  Oh, wow the whole office broke up.  Well I told them my partner died, what the fuck did they think, I was a police officer or an Attorney? 

When I left to go home and get paperwork they needed my car was running fast.  I looked at the Tachometer and it was up at 4 and it NEVER gets that high.  Plus when I stopped the engine would rev up and the car acted like it was speeding up and then it would stop.  It was like the car from hell.  The engine was making tons of noise and I just figured oh fucking great I need car repairs now.  Thankfully I went home, gathered the documents and went back.  The car has been running fine ever since.  I ran a Vehicle Health Report and everything checks out.  I am still going to call the dealer on Monday to see why something like that would happen, it just doesn’t make sense to me.  I hope that bucket of bolts continues to serve me well, I don’t need more problems right now.

I got a carpet cleaner today and have taken care of all of those stains.  I found one in my bedroom where Blu peed on one of my slippers and it turned the carpet green.  That didn’t come out.  I what shocked and of course wanted to kill him but I just blew it off. 

I have been putting off gathering photos of my guy for his memorial dinner that is coming up in a couple weeks.  I found a bunch of videos he made for his Cousin as e-mail replies.  I just love seeing him and hearing his voice again.  He made me laugh and made me cry as well.  I miss him so much.  I still don’t have everything together but I have decided that I will be putting all of the photos on a Digital Picture Frame and taking that to the dinner.  That way everyone can see many photos and I don’t have to worry about loosing anything.  Just have one item to keep track of, plus it was collecting dust anyway.  It’s the perfect solution for this occasion.  I think it plays videos as well, I am going to try it and if so, I will put something together.

I still have not heard anything from his cousin in NV.  I am not sure if it’s the gay thing or simply because he is gone.  They said they wanted to keep in touch but well they are certainly singing a different tune now.  I sent them a final e-mail tonight and basically said I have no idea why your not speaking to me.  You know how to reach me if you want to talk and I told them how hurt I was by their decision.  Given the circumstances you would think the last thing anyone would want to do is hurt me now in my time of need.  However, people shit on you all the time and the fact that your down, just makes you an easier target.  So if I hear from them great and if they choose to remain silent I will just write them off and move on with my life.  That is all I can do. 

I got the cable bill switched over into my name and got $34 taken off the bill for a year.  Today I switched out one of the boxes for a Digital Box.  Damn, watching TV in HD is so much better.  However, I have to sit in the upstairs living room because that is where the best TV is at.  I have to watch live TV because there is no DVR.  So it’s just a weekend and quick at night thing.  Most of my TV watching is done from the comfort of my bedroom.

I switched out the rear wiper on my guys truck today.  Good thing because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.  I am taking that vehicle to work.  This is power outage weekend.  I went over earlier to shut everything off.  I figured 5 minutes and was there 1 hour.  Yeah, I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.  I really hope everything powers back up like it’s supposed to, especially my crab ass bosses machine.  There is just a little bit of stress involved with this.  However, it should hopefully all pass by morning.

I am totally beat from all of the work I have done today.  I did manage to fit in a nap but I am so ready for bed.  I was up late last night as well.  I still have so much to do but I think I am giving up for tonight and calling it.  I want to watch TV and fall asleep.  Tomorrow is another day, a day in which I have to accomplish a lot.  Hopefully I make it. 

Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Your idea with the digital picture frame for the memorial sounds like a perfect solution!

I don't get it either, and I remember when my hubby passed away his sister did the exact same thing to me. She just basically shut me out of her life when I really needed to stay in touch with her. Ah well, I decided to move on and to heck with her, and haven't looked back.

You're right, if all that comes of your "date" is a good friendship that's still a great thing!