28 May 2013

Don’t get the mail

Golly gee my day was just okay, that is until I got the mail.  I received a letter from a Law Firm (like that is suppose to scare me) that represents the union.  I was informed that they plan on paying the Death Benefit to his child.  That is all well and good but they told me I could appeal their decision. 

This morning I spoke with an attorney who told me that he would be happy to write the letter of appeal but he wouldn’t do much more than that with the case.  He told me that chances are I would loose because the union has much deeper pockets than I do. 

Very true most anyone has more money than me, especially a company.  However, that won’t stop me from telling the truth to my friends, the local media, etc.  I won’t slander or defame them but I will tell the truth.  They probably will have wished they just paid me and made me go away.

I am sending a copy of the documents I received to my attorney.  I think he may change his mind and choose not to write the letter. However, I told him that I would still like to move forward, a letter from an attorney on my end will show them that I am serious and maybe they will crumble.  Who knows.

Personally I don’t think I will win this one.  If I had endless sums of money and was willing to fight to the death, maybe.  However, the most I can probably hope for is to shame them, if I decide to involve the media.

I am furious and sad all at the same time!

On a work note, looks like a 2nd project has hatched.  I had to price out more hardware today and looks like we will be ordering it.  That is going to occupy some serious time for me.  Right now I am drowning in hardware.  My office is a sea of boxes.  I guess the upside to all of this is that I will be so busy time will just fly by or so I hope.

Well the evening is about shot, so I am going to try to calm myself down.  Be well and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Wow that sucks!

I agree that a letter from a lawyer certainly can't do any harm and just might shame them into changing.

Good luck!