01 December 2016

Back in the saddle

So I made my return to work today.  It was not easy nor was it fun.  Traffic was a bit of a mess and there was more than one occasion where I could have wrecked.  One of my co-workers wasn’t so lucky and got plowed rear-ended.  There was and is plenty of stuff to keep me busy.  I’ve been at it since I walked in the door, so I thought I’d take a little break.

Had a great time with Bear last night.  He fell asleep with his head on my leg.  He tried to fall off the couch but I wouldn’t let him.  He’s such a ball of joy.

Speaking of good news a lady I used to work with here, she was one of the people let go with the RIF event.  Well she messaged me today and told me she found a job.  I gave her all of the advice I knew to give.  She had 2 interviews, they re-wrote the job to tailor it to her needs and she will be in charge of 6 people.  She thought she blew it because they didn’t jump right away and make an offer  I told her that people travel and companies love to drag things out, they don’t move fast unless it’s to their benefit.  Sure enough the person who made the final decision was out on a weeks vacation.  They offered her the job earlier today and she of course accepted.  Very happy for her and to hear that information I passed along actually helped someone.  I made a phone call on her behalf and that got the ball rolling.  Why something like that couldn’t have happened for me when I was out of work, well I guess it just wasn’t my time.  Unemployment is near and dear to my heart, so if your out of work and you need advice ask away. 

I woke up with an itching stomach, kind of odd.  I took another shower and put some lotion on by the time I was ready to leave I had to go back and put on some hydrocortisone cream.  It settled down for a while but started back up after lunch.  I of course thought right away that I was allergic to yet another antibiotic, but I’ve kept a watch and while I have itches in other places there are no welts or hives.  My face is a little red but outside of that I’m okay.  So I am just monitoring it.  My boss called this morning to tell me that if I needed to take more time, let him know he was okay with it.  I told him that I didn’t want to abuse the system and he said well if your sick then your not abusing the system.  Just plan on leaving early if you feel bad, give me a call first though.  That was a nice gesture.  Honestly, unless I am next to death I’d rather be here, it’s boring to be at home sick. 

I blamed this on the swing in temperatures and think that has some play here, but the real culprit I think is the carpet cleaning.  Not the physical activity but breathing in the aroma of the after effects.  I think it’s enough to make me ill if it’s wet.  Leave it dry and vacuum, all is well.  When the next time comes I will look to do some ventilation to see if that helps.  Hopefully I can make it until Spring but that all depends on the animals I live with.  I love the cleaner looking carpet, it will never ever be 100% clean but cleaner is good for me.  I’d love to be able to replace it but that would take some serious money and I am not a home improvement kind of guy, so I could easily get taken advantage of.

The witch I work with has been so concerned about my health and how I am doing.  I guess because she thought she would get dumped on with people leaving.  I don’t mind doing the departures it’s intense but fun.  The new hire process is what t-totally sucks ass, your on a scavenger hunt trying to track down information on rights, type of computer, type of phone, where they are going to sit it’s just something I would rather not deal with.  I know it’s apart of my job but that doesn’t mean I have to like it right.  It just means I have to do it.

Looking so forward to the weekend.  I know I need to get all of my hair cut and not sure what is on the agenda after that.  Sort of depends upon how I feel.  Plenty of good TV on tonight, so I should have a great time with the kids.  All of the activity of the day is starting to catch up with me and I am yawning.  I know I can make it, at least until I walk in the door and then I may just collapse. 

What’s for dinner?  Not exactly sure Might be Meatloaf, Might be BBQ.  I haven’t exactly made up my mind.  I know that I have a Wendy’s craving and have yet to go through a drive up for food in my new car.  I wouldn’t eat in the car but I would grab the food and go home.  That might be an idea for tomorrow night. 

Be well & we shall talk again. 

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