17 December 2016

Holy Fuck–it’s winter!

It has been a busy week, there have been some ups and a lot of downs.  Friday driving home was horrible.  We had some rain that froze and everything and I do mean everything was nothing but a sheet of ice.  I went slip sliding several times on my commute to get home.  Once I managed to get home it took me over 15 minutes to get my car in my driveway, since I fought that fight I decided to keep on going and put it in the garage.  Jesus it was so difficult and I felt so helpless.  I know I gave the neighbors a good show and they probably all thought I was going to crash, but like everyone else in the world I take risks.  I try to error on the conservative side and not go do anything that is boldly stupid, but you know I’m not perfect.  I was very glad to finally be home after a two (2) hour commute.  My nerves were shot!

Got a call from my friend who’s wife has cancer.  He was still out and all roads that lead to his house were blocked and traffic was backed up.  So he stopped first for a bite to eat, thinking that time would help make things better, as it so often does when it comes to traffic.  Boy was he wrong, it only got worse.  So he stopped at a local bar and had a drink.  We were talking while he was driving and then when he was at the bar.  His wife is home, she had been hospitalized again last week because her incision came open.  She had surgery over the summer.  The wound hasn’t healed properly and now she had to go to a wound care specialist.  Just what she needs, yet another doctor.  She has had her second (2nd) round of chemo.  She goes for the third (3rd) and final dose in the new year.  Then they will do a repeat cat scan and decide how best to proceed.  Based on what the doctors have told him, he has resigned himself to the fact that he is going to loose his wife, it’s just a matter of finding out how much time they have left together.  I know that if she can get well enough, he wants to travel and go do somethings that they didn’t get a chance to do.  I hope they can travel and do those things, that is so important.  It speaks to the phrase don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow.  I hope that however much time they have together be it five minutes or 20 more years, I hope that they enjoy and savor each and every moment because life is way too short.  Personally I agree with him that she is going to pass away and I think that it will happen too quickly.  I am still holding out hope that a miracle will happen and/or that her body is responding to the treatment so that it helps to prolong her life. 

Saturday, temperatures climbed past the freezing point but that was short lived.  We got more rain and authorities have asked everyone to stay home and not travel.  Many people are not heading that warning.  As a result all of our police, fire and ems people are overly busy.  I was one of the smart people who was out in the morning.  I had to push myself pretty hard but I made it.  The one place that I wish I wouldn’t have gone is the post office.  I got one piece of mail and it ruined my day.  It was a bill from my attorney for a legal matter that is in progress.  I shelled out a large amount of money for a retainer when I hired him.  Now all of a sudden he’s used that up and needs more money.  I don’t expect him to help me for free, but it would have been nice not to be caught off guard with this bomb in the mail.  I don’t understand why every time I manage to get a little bit of money there is something that comes along to steal it.  I am happy to have a small nest egg and had to rob from that in order to pay the blood sucking bastard.  I am sending a note along with my check and demanding an itemized bill so that I can clearly see where all of my money went to.  Also that when we reach a specific threshold I am contacted so that I can prepare accordingly.  After getting that bill I developed a huge case of the dropsies.  I dropped cat food at the store.  Knocked items off the shelf at the grocery store and for the grand finale dropped a 12 pack of soda and managed to break part of my fridge.  Fuck I was pissed and it only got worse. 

Considering that I was mad I thought keeping busy would help me.  So I went to change the locks on the front door.  They were a little bit easier than the locks on the garage door and thankfully everything came together.  Both installations look superb.  At the moment I am the only key holder to my home.  However, I have a lock box that has a spare key so by giving out the code I can grant access to anyone in an emergency.  I plan on taking a key to my friends house for Christmas.  I’m going to tease them and tell them that I have moved just to get a rise out of them.  It’s classic me, always kidding. 

Friday I went to the doc in the box at work, managed to get steroids and the antibiotic that I asked the last doctor for who refused to give it to me.  They insisted on checking my blood sugar and let me tell you I really hate little pricks.  My finger hurt so bad and the bleeding had not stopped when they took the cotton ball away.  I waited for the nurse to leave the exam room then I got up and got a tissue and applied pressure.  That got it to stop.  The steroids are to help treat the sinus issue but more for my arm.  There is no blood clot present based on outward appearances.  The thought process is that something went awry when I had to have my blood work done.  The steroids should help promote healing by reducing any inflammation that maybe present.  If this isn’t better in five days then I need to have either a cat scan and/or a Doppler study done to figure out what in the world is going on.  Then I could be referred on to another doctor, like a cardiologist.  I’m telling you for 45 I am falling the fuck apart.  Where do you go to get a better body?  I know the gym or a plastic surgeon.  Let’s hope the drugs fix things.  I think it’s a repetitive motion injury too much iPhone, typing and masturbating. 

Big Boy Bear is doing his part in keeping my nerves on edge.  He hasn’t used the bathroom since yesterday evening.  He worries me so much.  Just about the time I am getting ready for bed will be when he decides it’s time to go.  I’ll be frustrated at the timing but very happy to know that he’s not blocked.  The food I am giving him is designed to break up the crystals so he shouldn’t block again.  That is not a guarantee.  After shelling out a ton of money to my attorney the last thing I need is a huge vet bill to go along with it.  I don’t want any of my cat kids to get sick or pass away but I know it’s going to happen.  Can we make it not happen around a major holiday, I mean I am depressed and lonely as it is, that will only make it worse.  

So tomorrow I decided that after a few weeks of not hitting up Cracker Barrel I am going back tomorrow.  Not sure what if anything will happen kind of depends if he’s there or not.  Then I need to hit up the grocery store.  I visited the upscale store today because I needed oatmeal and took a chance that they would have it and they did.  Doing my regular shopping on Sunday.  Then a trip to the gas station to top of my tank.  I like to keep a full tank with the way the weather is because you never know when you might be stuck in traffic for hours at a time.  Better to be prepared thank to put it off.  I am really thankful that I stopped for gas on Thursday instead of waiting to do it on Friday.  Stopping for fuel on Friday would have made my commute so much more worse.

Had some delicious Spaghettis with meat sauce for lunch and supper was a turkey dinner for one and I threw in a piece of Black Forest Cake with Cherries.  I’ve munched on Christmas cookies as well.  Feel like I am living the high life even though I am as poor as a church mouse.  You just got to treat yourself once and a while.  If I don’t do it, then who will?

Speaking of treating myself, I got a Christmas card from my boss and there was a gift card to Chipotle.  I’ve only been there once and it’s really good.  However, it’s by the office and you have to walk several blocks to get there.  I am just way too lazy.  Now I have a reason to go but will probably wait until there is warmer weather. 

There you have it the high and low lights of my life.  I hope your warm and doing well.  Hard to believe that next Saturday will be Christmas Eve.  Looking forward to having two (2) extra days off.  Were closed on Friday and Monday.  Found out that there will be no work on New Years Eve and that Friday the 30th might be a very long day for me.  I can come in late if I want but I am too interested in the money so I’ll work my regular shift and then everything over that will be overtime.  Then I get a three (3) day weekend and we leap into the New Year.  Anxious for 2017 and really hope that it sucks way less than 2016.  A lot of that will depend on our president elect and decisions he makes. 

Talk with you all again soon. 

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