29 December 2016


Work has been a little intense but nothing like it could be.  I don’t know why but at the end of the day I am wiped out.  Last night I was all set to watch some porn and instead decided it would be better to sleep.  My late partner told me that when your young all you want to do is have sex.  When you get older you just want sleep.  I guess I am older.  This isn’t the first time in my life that has happened but it’s not fun.  We all need a release and the longer I wait the more I want it.  Sort of like waiting for some good food.

Had my massage today and she worked the hell out of my arm.  It’s going to be sore I can pretty well guarantee because it hurt like hell and it still kind of does.  She asked me to remind her next time and she will be sure to work my arms.  Yeah uh probably won’t mention it.  I was hurting so bad I almost passed out.  When I experience pain, especially sharp stuff I hold my breath it’s a reflex.  She reminded me to breath and that helped, otherwise I am certain it would have been lights out for me. 

Spent time with Bear last night, he got into a pretty deep sleep and was running.  Those paws were moving but he wasn’t going anywhere.  He woke up looked at me funny and then right back out like a light.  It was very enjoyable and I am glad that I have the power that allows him to let down his walls and sack out.  It’s healthy and we all need to decompress like that.  I think as humans if we did that more often we would be happier and probably healthier as well. 

Thought my car problems were behind me but last night the system wigged out on me.  I had to do a master reset but got things back to a working state.  I’ve already told the dealership and am waiting to hear back from them.  I am trying to schedule service for Martin Luther King Jr day so that I don’t have to take time from work for this.  I’ve got a doctors appointment the same day so it would be a good fit.  Makes for a busy day but at least I will hopefully be able to check things off my list and mark them as done.  The 2nd trip back isn’t fun but I get it.  If I have to make a 3rd trip that is when I will start a letter writing campaign to the manufacturer and that is when things will take a drastic turn.  Hopefully, we don’t have to get to that point.  I shouldn’t have any trouble at all but 2 visits I feel is more than enough to get the bugs flushed out. 

Don’t ask me how I did it but I managed to bite the hell out of my tongue last night while I was sleeping.  It woke me up but I went back to sleep.  I woke up this morning and thought it was all a dream but my tongue is sore so it had to be real. 

No word from my friend about his wife.  I want to call but I am afraid of what I might hear.  I also want to give him time.  Especially if things have turned sour and she is headed downhill.  Some people like to talk and other people need distance.  I would say he is a talker but at the same time when you experience that great amount of pain, it can knock all of the words you want to utter right out of your mouth.  I’m hoping for the best but prepared to hear the worst. 

So tomorrow is it.  We have a big meeting to go to, I figured that out this morning.  Were all getting a bonus.  They aren’t doing direct deposit so it will all be live checks.  I am not terribly pleased about that but give me the check and I can deposit it on my phone.  It will be in the bank quickly, not as fast as direct deposit but I won’t have to wait until I drive home.  We may close early but I don’t expect that.  I’ve got the end of the year departures to process.  People have already asked for extensions so they can work late or delay their mobile device from being wiped.  I figured this would go off without any exceptions but now that were close to being down to the wire, if your going to hear any noise now is the time that it will happen.  I don’t know why people always like to wait until the 11th hour but it’s how the business world works.  I’m not a fan of that at all. 

Need to remember to bring my calendar to work.  Wouldn’t it be funny if I hung up a man calendar.  I mean it would say so much without me uttering a sound.  We have one guy who has a hot girl calendar in his office.  It’s borderline offensive but if I hung up a man calendar, the complaints would probably pour in.  I’m sticking with my usual theme that has no men pictured on it, much safer for me.  I need this job and that is a point that is hammered home each and every time I pay bills. 

Hang in there, be extra careful and stay safe. 1 more regular working day for this guy left in the year.  Here is hoping that it’s quiet all weekend long.  So that I can squeeze in my beauty rest and naps, I am told I really need them!

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