27 December 2016

Quiet on a Tuesday which is Monday

It was as hard as I predicted it would be to get out of bed this morning.  Marvin left me a present in the middle of the night and then cried for me to wake up and let him out.  I obliged him.  Went back to bed some how and had a goofy dream.  Woke up early this morning and my neck and shoulder are killing me, like they have been for days.  Semi looking forward to Thursday if our massage therapist shows up.  She was out last week because she was sick. 

I got up and got things started, breakfast for the children.  Special food for Marvin and then different food for Bear.  Finally I was able to squeeze in my breakfast, I ate an extra banana just because I could.  Then hit the shower and resumed my normal daily working routine.  The drive in was okay, some traffic but not a bunch of it.  Lots of people are still off for the holiday and I am thankful for that.  Hopefully that will translate into smooth commuting for the entire week both ways. 

Got to work early and that gave me time to play with my laptop.  Needed to get it updated and put on some new software I got.  That was accomplished and then I started work.  Plowed through a lot of stuff and even took time to clean up my email.  Our mailboxes are limited to 2GB so you have to work hard to stay under the limit.  I’ve never been anywhere close to that and still have managed to stay well under the limit.  Played on my phone and caught up on all of the social media.  I’ll be taking in a lot of YouTube videos for lunch, I only watch them typically at work during lunch and I am behind because of the break. 

I am all prepped for the big exodus on Friday and can’t wait to get started, the sooner I start the sooner I get to leave and/or stop working for the day and that will make me very happy.  Then I get to spend 3 days with my furry children.  I already miss them and nap time, but we will be together in about six hours from now and nap time will be back soon enough. 

Made a Tombstone Pizza for supper last night.  My oven is wonky, so you have to turn the heat up past where you want it, in order to get anything to cook properly.  I had one slice of cold pizza but it had melted cheese and the crust was done.  I couldn’t figure that out for the life of me.  The rest of the pizza was fine.  I held myself back and saved two pieces for supper tonight, so something else to look forward to.  Plus I still have some cake and plenty of cookies left. 

Yesterday I got an alert as I usually do when I have mail waiting for me at the post office.  I was surprised when I went and found no mail.  It was the first time that has happened to me.  Kind of made me wonder if someone else got my mail.  I got another alert and know for a fact there is a prescription waiting for me from the mail order pharmacy.  So I will be stopping by tonight. 

Got a call from my boss, we were scheduled to meet.  He said that he was burnt out already and that he wanted to reschedule for this afternoon.  No objection here.  Gives me more time to accomplish other things. 

The cute guy here at work that I had a falling out with is all alone today and tomorrow.  I really want to go visit him.  In my head I have a fantasy that should play out and I am feeling a bit frisky.  However, I am resisting my urge, tempting as it might be.  I would like to see him to just say hi and chat for a bit.  Our friendship is over with, his choice.  Funny thing is a guy that used to work with him, left.  Ever since he has been gone they haven’t spoken.  It’s like if you work with him he will talk with you, otherwise your dead to him.  That’s not right but then again he has issues and I find him strange.  Still sexy but strange. 

Now it’s much closer to lunch.  Going to wash my paws and get ready to dive in to my usual lunch and YouTube.  Hope your having a good day. 

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