03 December 2016

Gr8 Saturday

Friday night on my way home, my wonderful car decided to be temperamental and not connect my iPhone.  I had to check to make sure it didn’t fall off my hip.  Sure enough it was there.  I tried turning Bluetooth off on my phone and then back on, that old trick used to work on my last car.  No luck.  Tried forcing the car connection to ‘connect’ but that didn’t work either.  So I listened to Satellite Radio, I asked for traffic reports because I was stuck in traffic.  I got to hear all about LA Traffic and San Francisco Traffic but that didn’t help me as I am no where near either of those locations, they are West and I am in the Mid-West.  It’s a patience thing so I flipped over to AM and listened to a local talk show and then got to catch the local news, which was nice.  Normally on Friday there is no traffic but due to construction and the fact that people don’t know how to merge and they freak out, some waiting until the last possible second they not only impeded my commute home but they negatively affected my gas mileage, probably not by much.  However all of that inch worm start and stop isn’t good for the car and it’s sure not good for my patience. 

On my way home I decided and committed to treating myself.  I hit up Wendy’s, got to sit in line.  What better to do than do a master reset of the entire Bluetooth System.  Magically that brought my phone to life.  It’s suppose to forget your phone but not in my case.  I am starting to think that there is something wrong with Sync 3 in my car.  However, that little trick seemed to do it.  Someone had connected their phone and it was in the system, perhaps that caused issues.  As long as it works for me, when I need it and I can count on it as being reliable then I will be pleased.  Right now I am just taking the wait and see approach. Back on point, I made it to the speaker to order and got me a Baconater with no mayo and a Large Chili.  Damn that was tasty!  From the first to the last bite.  When I was done I wanted to go back out and get another burger but I figured that would probably kill me, so instead I sat down and had some Banana Split Ice Cream.  Yum a great but not healthy meal.

Afterwards, I spent time with Bear, he demanded to be in my lap.  Great now I have started something that will probably never end.  It’s okay I like spending time with him, he’s a good cat and even though he kills my back I don’t mind picking him up, so long as he lets me love on him and do my raspberry on his belly – it’s our thing.  I try to do something special with each one of them.  Ruth gets her scratches.  Marvin gets to sleep with me.  Insty loves to curl up around my feet or sit with me and watch TV.  They truly are the life of this house, I just sleep & eat here as well as pay the bills.  They are the benefactors and if you ask them the owners of this structure that we all call home.  How nice they allow me to live here, I am so fortunate. 

You probably started reading this because you were interested in Saturday and well here we go.  I woke up to the melody of Gator singing her finest sad song opera, entitled Wake Up You Bastard.  Fed them breakfast and fiddled with my phone.  Didn’t miss anything overnight and no urgent issues to deal with.  So I had breakfast at home, which is a change for me on the weekend.  Then went to the Hair Cut store.  Used a gift card I had and still had to pay $13, but I got a lot.  Thought once again about getting some color put in this head but talked myself out of it.  My hair is super short and it would be hell to maintain and probably a huge waste of money.  I just want my color of Red back instead the one that nature has chosen to give me.  It’s dull and when I was younger it was bright, I want that firecracker red that says don’t fuck with me, I’ve got a bad temper.  Maybe someday.  From there I went to the post office.  Got a strange envelope in the mail opened it and saw a check for a large amount of money.  It was my pension rollover, it was supposed to be sent to the financial institution where I opened a special account, so now I have to send it on my own.  It’s a large amount of money to trust to just a simple stamp but I am doing that.  I would just have a little bit more peace of mind if I paid for Certified Mail but I really don’t want to go through the hassle.  Besides that it’s a check and it’s not made payable to me, so it would be hard or so I would think for anyone else to cash it.  It goes in the mail on Monday, wish me luck.  I’ll know soon enough if it gets there or not.  I also got a rebate check that I was waiting for, so that’s mad money that I can spend as I see fit.  It will go to food at whatever restaurant I chose. 

After the post office it was cold out so I came home.  I forgot that I needed to hit up the vet’s office to grab medicine for the children.  I did that later in the day.  When I got home and got settled on the couch, I watched a movie and then took my usual nap.  Woke up, had some chips, passed out lunch for the children and finished the movie.  Then it was downstairs to commence laundry.  Officially time to break out the long sleeves in full force.  I’ll miss you until next year my short sleeve shirts. 

Decided to go out to treat myself further.  I love Monique and her latest movie Almost Christmas was on the top of my must see list.  So I found it and saw it.  The movie drew a lot of people.  There was a lot of laughs.  Some people cried but I was not one of them.  It’s a heart strings type comedy movie that has a sobering message that you should enjoy yourself while on this earth because you will be gone too quickly.  I was happy that I was able to see it, if you need a laugh and enjoy holiday comedy movies, then put this one on your list.  Afterwards, it was time to take in some supper.  I went to a favorite place that I used to frequent with a friend.  Had a super salad and got onion rings with it.  I drifted from my usual Chicken Quesada, don’t know if I will ever make that mistake again.  The onion rings were good but not as satisfying at the Quesada would have been.  My waiter was short, slightly hot and gave me crappy service.  He was slow to bring me a refill and slow to bring me the check.  Only asked me how things were shortly after the food arrived and otherwise didn’t bother me.  Finally paid the check, used the restroom and got out of there. 

Back on the road, knew that I would need gas and for the 1st time the low fuel light came on.  That scared me a little bit but I still had 50 miles to go.  My last car warned me at 20 miles and you blew through those pretty quick.  I hit up what was the bargain gas station but their bargain was no more.  Still I filled up, I could have waited and gotten a better price tomorrow but it’s one less thing that I have to do now.  Then off to Walgreens to buy my friends a card, the ones dealing with Stomach Cancer.  I went for a card for her but I saw a card about The Oak Tree and it just spoke to me and said this is the one and send it to both of them not just her.  Then finally home to get yelled at by the children because their supper was hours late. 

Resumed laundry, scheduled my first car payment, dealt with some other business and viola here we are.  It’s about to strike midnight in 15 minutes or so.  I know the kids want me upstairs and my body has informed me that I pushed it a little too far.  So while I don’t want to I am going to heed the warning and call it a night. 

Tomorrow just have to grab breakfast and hit up the grocery store.  Thankfully I have enough food for the children.  I am sure they think I forgot them but I haven’t and they will never go hungry as long as I am here.  I hope that my body is okay come tomorrow because we have a full week ahead of us and like it or not I have to go to work.  Plus it’s my turn at on-call again, looked up at the sky on Friday night and there was no full moon which is a good thing.  That seems to follow all of my on-calls maybe it’s just coincidence. 

Nothing spectacular but it was a great day for me and I am so blessed to be able to do what I want to and that I have made it this far.  I continue to be in awe of myself and my accomplishments.  Now if Santa can just drop off a list of naughty boys for Christmas, I will be more in the holiday spirit.  Seriously if I can just speed up my search for my Prince Charming that will go a long way to help me, or so I hope.  Being alone has it’s advantages but it really sucks when the holidays roll around. 

Have a good night and we will talk again soon.  Stay Warm!

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