14 December 2016

All Clear Tuesday

We had some flurries and some drizzle this morning, but it was above freezing so all liquid and no ice.  Temperatures are set to plummet much like my bank account after payday.  Thankful for warm clothing, heat and cold weather options on my car.  All of this comes in handy at some point.  Got my portable heater at my desk, it’s on but hasn’t quite gotten cold enough to kick on today.  Oddly thinking about it makes my feet cold. 

Just got a decent amount of names for end of the year departures.  There could be more coming, waiting and seeing.  I will be a busy boy gathering information.  I saw that most people are leaving on the 31st which is Saturday.  It’s still up in the air as to when access should be cut off but I can do it on Friday or Saturday, makes me no difference.  Just as long as I am allowed to do it all from home I am fine with that.  I really don’t want to travel anywhere on the 31st after dark.  It’s tricky enough getting around in the daytime. 

Today is Patch Tuesday, time to download updates from Microsoft.  I’ve got my laptop & desktop updating now.  Still have one laptop at home that is powered off that will need to be updated.  I’ll get to it but it’s not at the top of my list. 

I felt kind of strange last night.  I couldn’t make a decision, my balance was off and this all hit me around the end of the day and only got worse once I got home.  I planned for Mac & Cheese but I had a Chicken Pot Pie.  Ate it sitting next to Bear who was beside me at the table.  He had to have attention while I ate.  I found him in the kitchen when I got home, so I knew that he had been in Marvin’s dry food, which if that is all he eats is toxic for him.  I made sure to push his normal dry food, which is what is keeping him from developing stones and blocking again.  He really did a bladder dump last night and then again this morning.  I think he holds it until it’s just too painful and then lets it out.  He tries to buy time to see if daddy will be around to clean him up.  If so great, if not well then once he can’t take it anymore he goes.  Maybe I am wrong but it’s what I observe.  Speaking of the bathroom, his next order of pee pads came yesterday.  One day ahead of schedule.  I always keep 1 box in reserve.  They come in handy around the litter boxes for everyone else to catch the litter that is on their feet once they get out of the box.  Plus if there is a miss it saves me from having to clean up a mess, smart thinking on my part. 

Pulled the trigger yesterday and I am officially changing the locks on the house.  I wanted a high ANSI grade lock.  There are 3 stages.  1 and 2 are primarily for commercial use and 3 is used for homes and is the weakest.  I got a good deal but the locks are all ANSI 3.  That’s not to say they won’t keep people out, because they will.  They are bump key resistant which was one of the things I was looking for.  I wanted to do this years ago when I moved in but someone was against it.  I understand why now.  Locks are not cheap.  My requirements outside of being immune to the bump key was that I had to have keyed alike locks and they had to come with the exact or greater number of keys that I needed.  I didn’t want to have to make a trip out to have keys copied. Amazon had me covered so I went with them.  I hope that it’s just as easy as switching hardware and that I don’t have to make any additional modifications.  If I do then I may need to engage someone because I am not handy when it comes to hardware and tools.  I can fix a computer but you give me tools and I turn into a non functional person, who is almost guaranteed to mess something up. 

In the middle of composing this I had to break away because of issues at work.  Thankfully everything is resolved and the crisis is over, at least for now.

I got 2 gifts yesterday.  One a water bottle and the other a daily cat calendar.  I almost bought the daily cat calendar on my own, but thankfully I didn’t.  Payday is tomorrow and I have to remember to get some cash in the next few days so I can give it as a holiday gift to my friends.  Oh the best thing that happened yesterday was a small gathering of people that I used to support are going to take me to Maggiano’s for lunch.  The date is still up the air but just the thought of it made my face light up from ear to ear.  I am so looking forward to that and know that it will be a good time. 

Time to start Wednesday without the cat shaver aka the cunt.  Yesterday I got a couple notes from her one of which she apologized but messed up some of my account settings.  She claims it was an accident and it’s plausible but she is such a perfectionist that I think it was done on purpose.  If I would have done that to her she would have raised the roof and not only would I be called on the carpet but I would be made to fix it.  She just said I effed up sorry buddy.  Now I have to go fix her mistake.  Totally not fair.  I’m mentioning it to my boss but I have to be careful in how I approach this.  He has a fondness for her because they have worked together for years.  However, he has to know what a royal bitch she can be at times.  I don’t want anyone to say anything to her, I can do that myself but am choosing not to.  I just want him to know that she effed up. 

Onward ho to begin Wednesday, it’s going to be busy today I can just feel it in the air.  That is fine all the more quicker it will be time to go home.  Then I get to sit down and give away my money, aka paying bills.  Hope that you have a great day and are staying warm.  It seems to be getting colder as the days go by.  Would be nice to see a White Christmas. 

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