04 December 2016

Holiday Themed

So I took time to change the theme to a Holiday or as I like to call it a Holigay!  It was an average Sunday for me.  Got to sleep in, woke up to rain.  Fed the children, got dressed and went to breakfast at IHOP.  Had French Toast.  I messed up my order so the first one was Strawberry French Toast.  Then I had to get what I actually came for which was Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.  That had Vanilla Crème with Cinnamon in it, very good.  Had a couple eggs and 2 sausage links, a drink and wound up with a bill that looked more like lunch instead of Breakfast.

Hit up the grocery store which I hate to start with it’s even worse when it’s raining.  I was determined not to spend $100 and well I made it but only by $2.  I was really shocked at the total as I am each time that it comes to pay for groceries.  I didn’t get anything special and it feels like I got robbed.  Missing my favorite cashers who have retired, they made it fun to shop and I always had someone to look forward to seeing.

Came home, put away the groceries and forged forward with Laundry.  Entered in my expenses in my records to keep the checkbooks straighter than I am and then played around looking for my favorite thing, porn. 

Went upstairs and relaxed with the children, got in a short nap.  Used an Armor All Leather Wipe on the drivers seat of my car and on the steering wheel, wow it did a super nice job.  I got a small package as an add on purchase from Amazon.  Not bad for $3 and they are guaranteed to stay moist in the container for up to 1 year.  I liked them so much I decided to tidy up my late guys leather jacket that I am wearing.  When it gets colder I will break mine out, it’s much heavier and each time I put it on it feels like he is hugging me, he bought it so it’s extra special for me.  Had it for years and plan to keep it forever. 

Had Stouffer’s Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake for supper.  There is 1/2 left for tomorrow night.  I also have a pizza in the freezer if I get hungry for that.  Otherwise there is plenty of soup, chili and chicken pot pies.  You know warm weather comfort food.  I almost forgot 5 cheese Mac & Cheese as well.  Yum!

Really wanted to upgrade my iPhone this weekend and got for the 7 however Mophie hasn’t yet come out with battery cases yet, so I am waiting for that.  Shouldn’t be much longer from their website it looks like they are in the end stages.  I really don’t want the increase in my bill but it’s doable considering my bill has been reduced and I still get a stipend from work so that will more than cover it.  Patience it’s just one thing I don’t have, which is exactly why I am not a doctor – well that and money for school.

Decided to get creative and just slobbered all over myself while looking at Mont Blanc Pens on the internet.  There are a couple new ones that I want, not sure if I will ever own them.  Some of those are a car and/or a house payment for a writing instrument.  If I had money just dripping off of me like sweat then I wouldn’t bat an eye but considering I am your average poor person, I just admire them from afar.  I have a small collection and use them on occasion, mostly I just sit and stare at them while they collect dust.  What I own cost me a pretty penny and while I’d love to take them out of the house it’s better that they stay at home, safe & sound.  If I lost one I would be sick.  They are not scheduled, meaning they are not covered under my homeowners policy.  I love fancy pens.  They rank right up there with good looking guys, porn and food, which includes pie and many other food items.  I know my vices and I suppose that is important information.

Time to climb the stairs and eat an ice cream cone while I take in the latest episode of Shameless.  I was supposed to be up there 20 minutes ago but you know one thing led to another and with all of the slobbering over pens, time just got away from me. 

Hope you had a great Sunday.  Back to the grind tomorrow and so starts another week and a week of on-call for me.  I hope that it’s a productive and fast moving week.  I am always anxious to get off call and of course you know I enjoy my weekends.  Going to our office holiday party on Friday, which means that I will be going home early that day after the party.  Also saying goodbye to a co-worker this week.  Can’t believe that 12 months has flown by so very fast.  Take care, stay warm and of course we will talk again soon.

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