10 December 2016

2 Cold for anything

Shiver me timbers, it is cold outside!  I have really been feeling the cold and been cold as well.  Cranked up the heat at home, everyone is comfy.  Since I am on-call and the weather is crappy it was hard to motivate myself to do anything today, except loaf.  I did that quite well. 

For some reason I woke up at 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up.  Fed the kids and had breakfast myself.  Then looked at my phone, nothing urgent.  Checked out social media, entered some comments to flirt with a couple guys and watched TV.  Bam out like a light after about an hour. 

Woke up, had lunch and fed the kids lunch.  Funny how they know the word lunch means food time.  They all perk up when they hear it.  Watched a little more TV.  Then decided to go lay down in bed, I turned on the electric blanket and turned it up high.  Started watching TV and then I was dozing.  I woke up and shut the TV off.  Then after about 30 minutes the phone went off.  Had to get out of my nice warm bed.  Came down to the computer and worked on an issue, it took a couple hours.  Then it was back to bed and man did I sack out again.  I had a task to preform for work and I overslept, but still managed to get everything done, I was a couple minutes late.  Since someone is misbehaving at work I have someone to monitor.  It sounds like fun and for the first few minutes it is fun.  When it requires you to check on them every two hours, it gets very old very fast and the fun has long gone.  I don’t understand why adults can’t simply be adults instead of behaving like a 2 year old. 

So after my task, I decided to get dressed and go out.  Grabbed the mail, picked up some food for the kids, then on to Target for cat litter and a space heater for me.  I’m taking the heater to work, it did get hotter on Friday but only by 1 degree and my feet were still freezing.  I spent $25 on the heater and know that it could be confiscated since it is contraband.  I just hope no one finds it, that I don’t blow a breaker and that I manage to get warm.  All I want is to be comfortable.  I am not the only one who has one of these gizmos.  There were a two people that used to work in my office that both had toasters at their desk.  Those are not allowed in the building at all.  They are energy wasters and a fire hazard.  In fact I unplug mine at home and only plug it in when I’m using it.  I’d urge you to do the same.

After dropping $100 I came back home.  Time to feed the children again.  I put a pizza in the oven for me.  45 minutes to cook, which is fine.  It was time to check on my offender.  Then I went back upstairs and prepared to dive in to my delicious pizza when all of a sudden the damn phone goes off again.  Why is it when I am on call I actually get bothered and the work seems to pick up?  My counter parts don’t experience this, it’s like shit takes a break until I am on duty and then it comes to life.  I would gladly trade these busy on-calls for some quiet time.  Not that I don’t want the overtime but I’d actually like to not be chained to my phone and spend my day off working. 

Friday I had a great time at the office holiday party.  Some great laughs but it was nothing like last year or the year before.  There was good food and the drinks were flowing like water regardless of what you were drinking.  That’s because we pay by the drink, so I would take a sip of soda and presto a waiter was there to switch it out.  Wow, service but it got annoying after a couple times.  Said good bye to a contractor who got a promotion.  I had alone time with him and felt the urge to come out but I didn’t do it.  He’s very religious but he likes to fuck, I only say that because he has 4 kids and he’s only 30.  When you fuck and make kids that costs money.  I’m glad men can’t get pregnant, one less worry for me.  Anyway, I really liked him and he was super cute, there was a mild crush there.  However, I really think he already knew.  He said he would friend me on FB and we are friends now but only because I unblocked him and sent the friend request myself.  He’s on a special list so he doesn’t get to see everything I post on FB for obvious reasons. 

I won a door prize and got 30 minutes of massage, which will come in handy.  My back is really jacked up.  Miss one week of massage and everything goes to hell.  So anyway, I came home and really had to let out those drinks.  Was never so happy to see a bathroom in all my life.  Checked my phone and sure enough there was work waiting for me.  We had an immediate departure that I had to take care of, good thing I was home when it came out.  In the middle of that I got a call back asking me to lock the doors for that location, there was a threat of physical violence.  Translation the person who got fired wanted to fuck up a few people.  She was dumb enough to actually come back but security guards caught her and told her to leave.  I still got the doors locked.  Amazing what you can control with a computer.  So a departure that should have taken 15 minutes was more like an hour long because of frequent interruptions.  I hate to hear of anyone losing their job at anytime but right now is a pure crappy time to be in the job market, since Christmas is around the corner. 

On a different note I got an offer to come back to Dekkoo, which is a gay movie service.  They don’t show hardcore porn, there is some softcore stuff but that does nothing for me.  I am more interested in gay themed movies, some are great and others really need work and I am surprised they were released.  This service is neat but I think they are struggling to keep a subscriber base.  I got a good deal for a few months, riding that out and then will have to make a decision to keep it or chuck it.  I have been watching this series called Hustling.  It’s about a male escort who wants to become a chef and get out of porn & escorting.  When the series first starts, you really get a sobering look or it was a sobering look for me into that world.  A guy calls you.  You go meet him and he opens the door.  Turns out he is like 500 pounds.  Wow, I almost swallowed my tongue.  The escort serviced him, meanwhile I was throwing up in my mouth.  I guess when your in that business you have to be accommodating in various different ways in order to earn your money.  The trick to the whole escorting thing is that you can have sex but you have to make sure that your client knows they are only paying for your time, that boys and girls is how you avoid going to jail for prostitution.  I’ve watched way too much TV to know that.  It’s an interesting series and I am about to wrap up on Season 3 and then I will have to wait and see if there is more content created. 

I have thought a time or two about calling an escort but when I see how much they want, that easily makes me change my mind.  Sure I could have a good time but I really don’t want to pay for sex, companionship or for that matter someone’s time.  That all should be something that is mutual.  I’d feel cheap for engaging an escort.  We all have needs.  Right now I am all about the companionship and just being able to talk with someone, enjoy their company and maybe grab a movie and a bite to eat.  Nothing too serious but I don’t want to deal with rejection.  I’ve been watching guys on Grindr and I’ve been hit on a few times despite having a blank profile and no photo.  I just like to see what is out there.  Sadly, there are a lot of familiar faces.  Even one of the jerks who I had a date with is back on there.  There are some new faces and a lot of younger guys which is what I am attracted to.  Most of them wouldn’t want an old geezer like me, despite the fact that I am not that old, in the gay world I am already in a nursing home drooling in my cream of wheat.  I’ve thought about it and decided that after the 1st of the year I will jump back into the on-line dating world again.  Not certain how long I will stay.  Still mustering up the courage to walk into a gay bar to see what happens.  However, I am not a drinker or a smoker and chances are high that whomever I meet will be into one or both of those things.  Shame there isn’t a gay soda fountain, that would just be swell.  Yes there is sarcasm in there.  Enough crying in my beer.  It’s time to go check on my offender at work. 

Tomorrow is breakfast and the grocery store.  Not leaving for anything else, really don’t even want to go out but I need food, otherwise I would just try to subsist on what I have here.  Thought about going back to see Cracker Barrel Boy I am sure that he’s been missing me.  However, not so sure that I will be making it there.  Thinking about IHOP again and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast with some eggs and sausage.  Sounds really, really good.  Better pack an extra diabetes pill to keep my sugar in check. 

Hope your well & warm.  Talk again soon.

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