12 December 2016

Ice–Ice Baby

Remember that song by Vanilla Ice?  Just got a notice on my phone that a Winter Storm is coming and were in for Ice.  Not a huge fan of that, snow is no problem.  Unless it’s super treacherous it won’t stop me and I can’t pretty well grantee we will be open, because we don’t close for weather unless it’s extreme.  Might be interesting to see who shows up for work tomorrow.

Today has truly been a Monday.  I didn’t want to get out of bed.  Found drool on my pillow.  I could blame it on a cat but no one was sleeping with me.  Marvin boycotted me last night, he acted like he was going to join me and then just about the time I was wrapping things up he hightailed it out of the room and wouldn’t come back.  He’ll be in there tonight. 

I got on a call with the Cunt and she wouldn’t shut up and was going in 100 different directions.  We weren’t able to accomplish the task we were on the call for, so I get to talk with her again right after lunch.  She is really being dramatic and doing everything she can to pull the rug out from under me, she acts like she is so helpful and that she is doing things for my benefit but I am smarter than her and know that she has her own agenda.  She has managed to make me angry on more than time this morning.  Eventually I tuned her out and started falling asleep while she rambled on.  Good God I wish she would go on vacation already, a day without her is far better than a day with her.  I’m stuck with her and she is stuck with me, so we have to try to make it work – even though she already did irreparable damage.  Still waiting on that apology that will never come.  I just want to stay as far away from her as possible. 

Got my heater installed this morning and it’s nice.  I put it on an outlet strip that controls my cube lights, I turn that off without fail every night when I leave.  I don’t want to forget to turn off the heater, so that is my fail safe.

Figured out by last nights episode of Shameless that Ian appears to be staying in the cast or so it seems.  Interesting episode last night.  Ready to see what next week brings.  It’s never a dull moment with the Gallagher Clan around. 

So this is the start of the last full work week of the year.  I pointed that out to someone this morning and they took me to task but quickly realized that I was right.  Yep, time is passing before our very eyes.  Very difficult for me to comprehend that this year is about over but I am ready to get on with 2017 and let the good times roll.

Have a great day and stay warm!

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