11 December 2016

Sunday no fun day

As with most Sunday’s the realization that Monday is around the corner becomes a sobering reality.  This Sunday is no different and the fact that I have to go back and work with the Cat Shaver aka Cunty McCunterson is not a welcome thought.  There is little I can do about it but go and do the very best that I can, which is pretty much how I address each day of work.  I may be happy, I may be sad or I may be feeling some other emotion but work is just that, work. 

Today I woke up early long before any rain or snow had a chance to fall.  Looks like the weather man made yet another blunder because we didn’t get anything in the way of precipitation.  I went to IHOP and had more Stuffed French Toast.  I thought I’d be cute and back my car in, well that was a bad idea.  I went to reposition the car and I scraped against something.  Got a minor scratch on the back bumper, but being a black car you have to be on top of it to see it.  I have ordered some touch up paint which should fix this.  It is my belief that I am keeping Amazon in business. They have to just love me for all of the money I spend on that site.  I’ve got deliveries coming this week starting Tuesday and they don’t finish up until Thursday.  Pee Pads for Bear, Allegra for me, Touch Up Paint, High Shine Car Wipes and Glass Clean Wipes.  Nothing terribly exciting just package after package.  I should have went to visit Cracker Barrel Boy and this wouldn’t have happened but if grandma had balls she would be grandpa.  In other words there isn’t much I can do about it  It’s done and over – there is no going back. 

At the grocery store I got what I needed, picked up the last 3 jugs of drinking water that they had.  That is a hot commodity which is a huge surprise to me.  I am in the dairy section I went to get my phone and put it back, also pull up my pants and not sure what did it but I severed a nail.  It didn’t hurt but looked horrible.  I had to wait until I was home to even things up and file it down.  So there is strike two for the day. 

Later in the day I am going to label my heater for work and wasn’t paying attention.  I stepped on Insty’s tail.  She was pissed and there you have strike number three for today.  Holy cow, I hope I don’t make anymore strikes there are still a few hours left between now and bed time.  I apologized to her but she wasn’t having it.  I know she has forgotten all about it now but I still feel bad. 

I wanted the Stouffers bake I had last weekend for supper, but they didn’t have it at the store.  I had to settle for the Marie Calendar’s version which was smaller and not as tasty but it was good.  I also forgot to mention to the dope that was checking me out that I had a coupon.  The authorization hit my card and then he backed out and took the coupon and then authorized it again.  Now it looks like I have 2 transactions that are going to post to the card.  I saved the receipt just in case.  Normally I am quick to record and shred them, unless it’s for a large purchase.  In a couple days this should all be settled and then I can hopefully shred it.  I am not happy that I have some credit tied up for a charge that probably isn’t going to materialize (with any luck). 

So another episode of Shameless is on tonight.  I heard that Ian was going to die this season and be written out.  Looks like that wasn’t accurate, he is going across country with Mickey and I think his character will be gone from the show.  If that is true I won’t be happy.  Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is the main reason why I watch the show.  I’m waiting with baited breath but from what I can surmise it appears a good portion of this episode will be devote to Ian and Mickey.  I really hope Ian isn’t gone for good. 

Been checking on my offender all day and it’s been quiet.  Had a few emails pop in but nothing that I had to run to the computer for.  I snagged some overtime which will make my last paycheck of the year look pretty good.

I hope it’s an uneventful week and that things go smoothly.  Maybe we will warm up a bit.  The furnace has been running non stop.  I’ve never been this sensitive to cold but I guess everything changes with time. 

I only shave once a week because my skin will break out with shaving bumps and they are not good to look at nor are they fun to have, they hurt.  I like some scruff so I thought I would do some trimming with a beard trimmer.  Yeah wound up shaving it all off as per usual.  Maybe I will grow a beard if I can get past the itchy stage.  I just don’t like the fact that there is white in my facial hair, but I guess better there than on top of my head.  At least on my face I can chop it off and no one is the wiser. 

That’s all I got folks.  Looking forward to a fast moving week.  Last full week before Christmas, which is really hard to comprehend.  First Day of Winter is on the 21st.  Time to go grab and ice cream cone, a bear and a bottle of water.  Shameless is on!  Have a great week, stay warm and you know we will be talking.   

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