18 December 2016

Sunday Single Digit Temps

It’s been nothing short of cold here.  Were down into single digit temps and had some snow and ice.  Thankfully since I headed the warning from yesterday, getting out today was really easy, despite the cold.  I use those cold weather features each time I get in the car and love them, makes me wonder how I got along without them!

Found some money in my late partners name last night.  About once a year there is a news blurb to visit your state treasurers website to search for unclaimed property.  I’ve found items in my name in the past and now I have found a refund that my late partner was owed.  It’s $9.  Cost me $2 in paper, postage and ink to claim this, but it’s my money I might as well have it rather than letting it sit out there in limbo.  The process is easy enough if you find money in your name, but when the owner is deceased you have to send all of this mickey mouse paperwork to prove that your entitled to it and the rightful person to inherit it.  I know that if he were alive he would have gone after it.  The place it’s from is very confusing, never heard of them before.  Plus they display his physical address, which is our house.  Makes me wonder if the post office sent that piece of mail back because it was improperly address (we don’t have a mailbox, but use a PO BOX) or if the organization just gave up and turned the money over to the state without even mailing it to him. Questions I will never have answers to. 

I took my search farther and looked for co-workers and friends.  I found a ton of stuff out there, people just don’t think about this stuff.  I am sure that I will get calls or emails tomorrow expressing appreciation, which is fine.  I like to look out for others and help people, it’s just my makeup. 

So I did indeed dine at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast and was seated by said Cracker Barrel Boy.  He asked me how I was and then told me that he has been busy.  I get it, you don’t want to go on a date.  Why beat a dead horse, it’s already dead.  I just don’t understand why he put feelers out if he wasn’t truly interested.  Another thing to add to the list of things I will probably never have answers to.

The season finale of Shameless is on in 2 minutes.  Can’t believe that this season is over already but it makes sense.  I hope that the next season starts really soon.  I do look forward to watching this show and it’s the only reason why I subscribe to Showtime. 

Been a very relaxing day, spent time this morning with the kids.  Yes, Bear was on my lap and enjoyed every second of it.  I love and appreciate them so much.  They truly help keep me going.  Well got to run because it’s Showtime.  Stay warm, be safe and I will talk with you again soon.

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