29 September 2016

How Goes It?

It has been an insane couple of days.  One of my co-workers that I work very close with has gotten sick.  She was out one day and I thought I wouldn’t make it through the day without here.  She came back yesterday but then is out sick today.  I think she over did it.  There are situations that come up and I have to deal with on my own.  Being on call I had the impression that it was my responsibility to deal with all of the tickets that were sent to the department.  Everyone said so but now they are back pedaling.  I am being told that I am taking on too much and I need to either give others a chance or out right delegate something to them.  I am not in any trouble but I think there may be fear of burn out.  Just some concern.  Plus we appear to have a lazy ass that is too good to work tickets.  I have been spoiling everyone because as soon as something comes in, I snatch it up.  It’s helped me learn and grow, plus it makes me and the team look good – just good customer service which is what I am all about.  It’s hard to sit back.  I was even told that I can get a message today but since were down by 1 person I am not partaking.  Plus it’s a chance to save money. 

This whole on call things really is nothing to be alarmed over.  Thus far no phone calls, so no emergencies.  What has happened occurs during working hours and I have managed to take care of.  Sure there were times when I wanted to pull my hair out but I made it.  I pray that all of the nights are silent.  If you want to make the days noisy I am fine with that, just as long as those days are M-F and don’t include the weekend.  I am starting to think that the rate plan switch on my cell phone was a mistake but hey there is no going back. 

Really hard to comprehend that today is Thursday.  Most everyday so far I have woken up early and just gotten started with the day.  It gives me more time if anything unforeseen comes up be it at home or in traffic. 

The kids are doing well.  I did a dumb thing last night.  Ruth came over for me to pet her but she has a habit of not getting to close until you are able to hit the right spot, then she looses her inhibitions and walks right up to you, the minute you stop she runs away.  Last night she was just out of reach but was clamoring for attention.  I reached out and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and tried to pull her closer.  That scared the crap out of her and now she won’t take any risks around me.  Feels like I set things back.  Hopefully she will warm up to me again.  I love her and really would like her to be a lap cat but she is far too independent for that.  I would and could love on her so much more if she would just relax and open up.  Ah, well we all have our own personalities and that is what makes us unique.  This morning I noticed Marvin appear to have a tremor in one of his paws.  He has been acting strange lately.  He is having more moments that he forgets that I am home and starts crying like he is lost in his house.  I start calling him but that doesn’t appear to help.  Don’t want to lose my sleeping buddy.  I am keeping an extra close eye on him.  Bear begged for attention last night, I had to pick him up and place him on the couch with me.  He lapped that up but when he wanted down, it was now and not in 5 minutes.  I got him back on the floor safe and as quickly as I could.  He’s still a lot to lift even if he is only 27 pounds. 

It’s cooling off outside.  I have been driving around with the sunroof open on my car.  Something I only rarely do.  I just decided I’ve got the benefit, might as well enjoy it.  I do it as long as I can but eventually all of the pollen floating gets to be too much and I have to go back to a/c.  Turned the a/c off at the house last night.  Might need to turn it on when I get home but really don’t think it is needed during the day.  Of course winter power rates are a ways away from taking effect.  Love when that happens because there is typically a serious decrease in the bill.

Each night I go home I think oh maybe the new lawn guy came today.  He said he would be out this week but didn’t pin himself down to a specific date.  Needless to say he hasn’t been by as of last night.  I am hoping that I will be surprised tonight or tomorrow.  If he hasn’t been out by Saturday morning then it’s time for a phone call to see what’s going on.  I kind of feel like I may have been played but am trying not to be paranoid, I mean if that is the case there are plenty of other people who really want the job.  It will all work out.  The letter that I sent to fire the original lawn boy to my knowledge hasn’t been delivered yet.  I checked on tracking and it’s like it’s stuck in the system.  I see it leaving a sorting facility but don’t see it arriving into the local post office.  It was supposed to be delivered by Wednesday.  I hope that they can deliver it soon, because the sooner he knows the better.  I sent it certified mail for a reason. 

Tonight will be a ball of fun.  I get to go home feed the children get the trash put out and then gobble down supper and go pay bills.  Then it will be time for bed and I get to come back here tomorrow.  I love a plan or a schedule but when too much is crammed into a time slot it causes anxiety.  I applied an update on my home machine this morning and it’s not back on line.  I am a little nervous that it’s stuck and I can’t exactly ask one of the kids to check on it for me.  That would be great if I could just say Bear go reboot the computer for daddy and he would do it.  Hell it would be a miracle for him to get downstairs much less to reboot the computer. 

Well lunchtime is about over with.  Time to head back for the long afternoon.  1 meeting scheduled with the boss to touch base.  Outside of that my afternoon is wide open.  I am sure some issue will come along and help fill the void of free time I have.  One more day hang in there we can make it.  The weekend is almost upon us and I look forward to hopefully being able to sleep and take a nap.  Cheers!

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