26 September 2016

Primed & Ready

Woke up 15 minutes early, normally I would go back to sleep or just lay in bed and enjoy the time.  Not today, I got up and got moving.  Not sure as to why I did it but once I started in motion it was just natural to want to keep on going.  The children were surprised at my early rising as much as I was.

I configured my phone last night to be ready for on-call this week.  In the Do Not Disturb feature on an iPhone you can stop alerts for emails and allow phone calls.  I don’t know of a way to stop phone calls and allow emails.  Anyway all I have to be concerned with once I am in bed is phone calls.  I am supposed to check my email one time every hour up until bed time.  My phone has push notifications so if an email comes in I will know about it.  This is the way it always has worked, but I may test it a couple times just to be sure.  I never trust WIFI connectivity when I am at home, considering that I just changed plans I don’t know that I will rely on cellular data, despite the fact that my usage hasn’t really spiked. 

This on call is different in that before I was on the front line and first level support for any issue that anyone deemed an emergency or urgent.  Now I am third level support and things are much more relaxed.  If anyone needs you for anything they have to call you.  Sure your supposed to check email but we don’t rely on it, the phone call is what we live and die by.  We have a monitoring service that calls if there is a serious problem.  Otherwise, you just go about your business.  We don’t get a lot of activity but there are rare occasions where you have something that is hyper critical.  So I am relaxed but also nervous at the same time. 

I kept true to my word and had a slice of pie yesterday.  It was so good and I am looking forward to having another slice tonight.  I also heated up a caramel pecan cinnamon roll, had that as a snack just before bed along with a glass of frosty cold milk that I turned into chocolate milk.  The cats got Fancy Feast since I was eating high on the hog as well.  We were all licking our chops! 

Opened a rollover IRA account last evening so that I could take a lump sum settlement from my former employer that offered a pension.  All of the work on my part is done but the money won’t be sent until December which of course will be here before you know it.  I believe I made a smart move and hopefully I will be able to grow it into a much more sizable amount.  When I was going through setting up the account I had to pick a beneficiary, I went with a default decision but now I am thinking of changing my mind, which I can do at anytime with respect to who the beneficiary is.  I like to think that I will be able to enjoy the money on my own, I mean were talking age 59 1/2 before I can start drawing and that is only 14 1/2 years away.  I can’t predict what will happen in that amount of time but hopefully nothing catastrophic.  Who knows maybe I will meet the man of my dreams and be able to leave it all to him. 

So I told you at the start of this that I got up early.  I am still wondering when I will actually wake up.  So sleepy.  I have one afternoon meeting and then the rest of the day so far is mine.  Things have a way of cropping up and when they do I usually focus on what is going on rather than how I feel. 

Got a call yesterday afternoon from a co-worker/friend who was giddy.  She was calling to tell me that she has a job interview.  She was excited but has the normal nerves and mixed feelings.  I told her go for it and see what happens.  You never know when you will find your dream job and certainly shoving this aside would be a mistake.  Especially since she hasn’t had an interview in two (2) years.  She has done more than her fair share of complaining and I have heard all of the stories on how she wants out of this place and it’s the worst place she has ever worked.  Yeah okay so I hope that she gets this new job then I don’t have to listen to all of that negativity and try to put a positive spin on it.  I really want to tell her to take the elevator to the ground floor, walk out, get in your car and don’t ever come back.  Nice enough person but all of the hostility and negativity, she really needs a new job.  So regardless of how it turns out I told her look at it this way, you will have the experience of being through an interview, if this isn’t the one then you’ll be better prepared for next time.  She is one of those people that once she starts talking you can see your life passing in front of you because she has a way of keeping a conversation going for quite sometime.  I sat for a little bit but went to grab my headset and I started on my chores, she yammered on for close to an hour so that would have been an hour of lost productivity and I made the time work to my benefit. 

This weekend was a lot of fun and that trip for pie (yup I said it again) was really more enjoyable than I thought it would be, It was a productive weekend and I am really sad that it is over with but hey only 4 more days to go before we get another weekend again.  On the other hand we have a lot of time before the next holiday and then we get 2 days off.  That would be Thanksgiving and the Friday afterward.  I look forward to the time off but more importantly I look forward to Sausage Stuffing it is the most favorite thing that is served on that day. 

Lots of great fall TV on.  Saw The Bull and This Is Us, excited for interesting TV.  Shameless will be back on Sunday.  Pumpkin is back in the food category and it’s just a swell time of year.  Hopefully with any luck my prince charming will be appearing soon.  Ah well until then it’s business as usual.  Happy Monday if there is such a thing.  Talk with you all again soon!

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