19 September 2016

Pissed @ Lawn Boy

So for many years the same kid has cut my grass.  Last week he was due to come by but he didn’t.  I became concerned and reached out, only to hear a voice mail greeting that he is unavailable.  I left a message and sent a letter.  Got a response today.  Uh, sorry I took my family on vacation.  WTF when did you plan on telling me.  Oh it was an oversight on my part your one of two customers that slipped through the cracks because you pay me w/o having to get a statement in the mail.  Now the fucker wants to come back this week but come again next week to get me back on his schedule, if not then it will be three more weeks before he stops by again.  Then we can go back to our two week arrangement.  He only offered an apology and that is supposed to excuse this behavior.  He just told me without saying it that I am not important to him and I don’t matter. 

I started shopping for a new person and have someone who is supposed to be calling me back with a quote.  If he is cheaper then I will jump ship.  Lawn boy needs an answer today or he won’t come tomorrow.  If I stay with him then I am going to make him start sending me a bill in the mail or he won’t get paid.  The extra effort and expense on his part will take away from the profit that he is raking in with me.  I am truly disappointed in him and frankly have lost respect for him.  I have vented in a letter but that hasn’t gotten rid of my anger.  I want to cuss his ass out, I realize if I do that were done so right now I don’t want to burn any bridges. 

How the fuck can you run a business like this?  So everyone but me and 1 other person knew he was going on vacation.  He hasn’t even addressed my question about what plan do you have in place to assure me that this won’t happen again?  I mean if his wife had surgery or there was something catastrophic then I could easily excuse this and have more understanding but seriously on vacation for a week, you have got to be shitting me.  If I do call him back I am going to try to get him to do this week for free, that is the least he can do for his fuck up.  God Fucking Damnit I am so infuriated right now.  This is unacceptable and inexcusable behavior but he just wants me to look the other way.  Yeah well my lawn looks like a fucking forest and there are laws in place that you have to cut your grass.  All it takes is one complaint and I get a ticket & a fine.  I don’t want to go through the embarrassment and if I get a fine he’s fucking paying it because but for him going on vacation this wouldn’t be an issue.  His greedy ass is just in it for the money, fuck doing a good job, fuck customer service, fuck everyone just take the money and run.  What a bastard. 

Okay I think I can calm down now.  Wow the finale of Vice Principals was pretty intense.  I figured Dr. Brown would get back at those two and it was funny until someone got hurt.  I hope HBO keeps the series going, I am ready for the next installment. 

Speaking of TV, Shameless premiers on October 1, so looking forward to that.  It’s an awesome show in my opinion. 

Realized last night that I forgot to notify a merchant of my credit card number change.  Thankfully I remembered and took care of it this morning.  I was surprised over the weekend when I went to update a porn subscription how the agent wanted to re-negotiate a deal with me.  5 years for $500 when that didn’t work it was just deal after deal after deal.  I finally said look all I want to do is update my credit card number, Monte Hall is dead and this isn’t Let’s Make A Deal.  So uh or sir the best that I can do for you then is give you the same month to month rate you were paying.  Fantastic let’s get on with it.  Then he had to get a supervisor on the line, to secure the line so he could take my credit card number.  Holy fucking shit, it’s like I was buying a car and they had to go talk to the invisible man behind the curtain.  Just pay attention, stop trying to sell me something I don’t want and do what I ask.  That will avoid wasting time and prevent my blood pressure from soaring through the roof.  There is one scene that is coming up that I just have to have.  What they don’t realize is what I gave them is not a physical credit card but a virtual number that I can revoke anytime I want.  Once it’s revoked you can’t get it back and all future charges stop.  Something done for safety reasons.  That way if a merchant I do business with on a month to month basis is the victim of a data breach or the card becomes compromised, just shut it down and spin up a new one with a couple of mouse clicks.  The trick part is they are only good for 12 months, so I have to go back and tell the bank that I need the card to be good for another 12 months, when that happens eventually the expiration date will change and that for most places is just a matter of updating it on their website or in the case of Netflix the bank tells them and they update it automatically.  I don’t ever want to go through this again but suspect that I will.  It’s easy when it’s just one or two sites but when you have more than that and multiple cards it complicates things. 

So claws are trimmed for Ruth, she hated me again but is over that now and she is once again my little angel.  Bear has been washed and despite dropping him when I was trying to put him on the ground he is no worse for the wear.  Funny thing is when he saw me putting on the jacket, he ran underneath the couch.  Just wait jacket weather is around the corner, he’s going to freak out for a while. 

Okay well I suppose I am done now.  On with Monday.  Hope things are well in your neck of the woods.

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