08 September 2016


So today is the day Prince Charming is on Logo.  Interested to see the first show and that will determine if I stick with it.  I have a lot of shows to view on the DVR, but that’s what it’s there for.  Saw a riveting episode of Suits last night, thought that Mike was a dead man for sure, but totally not the case.

Got my massage today, was more like a beating.  I still have this large very painful knot on the left side of my back.  I am going to be sore tomorrow, no question about it.  I will be much happier when this knot is gone but I have a feeling that it doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 

Last night Amazon brought me my latest order of which included Ryan Ferguson’s book.  Started reading it today at lunch.  Interesting to read about how he kept going when the odds and the system was stacked against him.  It’s also nice to read how someone can put into words a great big fuck you without actually saying those words.  I always appreciate that.  My plan is instead of blogging at lunch to read, not sure how long I will stick with that but I won’t be abandoning my blog, updates might not happen as quick as you have been used to. 

My ear is still hurting but that’s probably because I am not following the directions for the ear drops.  They are such a hassle.  I would have rather gotten a pill prescription, it’s simpler and you don’t have to feel liquid in your ears, which is never fun. 

Everyone at home is doing well.  Placed an order for more food last night.  Time to place an order for more pee pads.  Bear was a little concerned.  I am just happy that we got through a box and there are no issues to deal with.  Usually when I got to the end of a box is when he would start with the crystals.  Tried to give liquid medicine to Marvin last night and he fought me and thought that I would give up, no that just makes me more determined.  Things started off bad because I trimmed all of his claws and he hated that.  The back ones especially because I rarely touch them.  No one likes it when I mess with their back legs.  However, he was starting to stick and that solved the problem.  He got his medicine despite putting up a brave fight.  Glad that is over with.  I hope his stomach settles down. 

Oh I didn’t tell you but I saw my neighbor, shirtless with his dog in the yard on Labor Day.  Man he is fine.  He’s married and has a kid but he still looks fine to me.  We haven’t actually spoken and not sure if that will ever happen. I really enjoy real life eye candy, even if you can’t touch it looking is still fun.

Headed home soon, not exactly sure what is for dinner.  No real plans for the evening other than trying to relax and getting ready to come back for one more day.  Looking forward to the weekend, sleep is on my craving list among other things.  It’s rainy here so traffic on the way home will suck, but so long as I get there in one piece that is all I care about. 

Talk with you all again soon.

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