04 September 2016

Long Weekend

Friday night, I had thoughts of leaving early.  Thank God I didn’t.  We had a semi-crisis at work and my bosses boss called me even though he was on vacation because he couldn’t find my teammates.  He asked me there whereabouts but they are both in different locations so it’s not like I had any clue as to where they were.  I got to handle a situation and that felt good even though I was nervous.  Then I left on time and  got my Wendy’s and got in the middle of High School Football Game Traffic.  It took just a little extra to get home and it wasn’t fun but the food was really good.  I was in no mood to do anything, so I just vegged out.  Went to bed early.

Saturday morning my choir cat Insty woke me up with plenty of time for me to feed her and her relatives, feed myself and make it out the door to the vet with Bear in my arms. 

The vet keeps on thinking that Bear is a diabetic because I told them his thirst increased which is a direct result of the prescription food they put him on.  It has a higher salt content which done on purpose to get the cat to drink water so the bladder stays flushed out.  Speaking of which he went all over the floor in the kitchen so there was no worry about him going in the truck.  They ran a blood sugar on him and he’s not diabetic, big surprise.  They looked at his belly and his bladder with the ultrasound and everything looks good.  His bladder was empty so the needle wouldn’t puncture his bladder.  They gave me a tube to catch some urine in.  I did that much later in the day and his ph. is 6.0 which is in the range of normal.  I was told keep doing what your doing.  This was a $75 visit which wasn’t horrible but not great either.  Kind of wish they would have just given me the tube and saved me from lugging him to and fro.  He has lost weight and is at 27lbs. 

Pay attention now because this is like a riddle from Batman.  They are concerned that he is losing weight.  The food he is on is known to put weight on a cat so they want to take him off of it in 8 weeks because they don’t want him to start to put weight on.  So no matter what they are not happy.  Guess what, they might be his vet but I am his owner.  I will fight tooth and nail to keep him on a urinary diet.  What they want to switch him to is weight management food which they say will help his bladder issues, but somehow I doubt that.  So long as he is happy I don’t care if he is obese or model runway thin, I accept him for who he is.  With a name like Bear you anticipate a big cat anyway.  He lives up to his name and always has!

I went back to the restaurant and asked for pretty boy only to learn that he got the last laugh, he quit.  Fuck I wasn’t happy at all when I heard that.  I should have acted quicker and asked for his last name but just decided to let it go.  I guess I was right and he is not going to call.  That really makes me mad that someone says yes they are interested when they have no true interest at all.  His response did bring some immediate joy but that quickly dissipated.  Had a crappy meal because I ordered a salad instead of something delicious and deep fried.  I had a crappy waitress who let me go thirsty and who was in no hurry to tend to my needs.  I fixed that by not leaving any tip at all.  I should have said tip, move it fat ass – better service will get you a tip, but that would have been rude so I just kept my thought to myself, that is until now.

Hit up the cat food store, Sam’s club and then it was finally time to come home.  I unloaded all of the stuff I picked up and took time to rest.  Fed the children and camped out in front of the computer, while starting laundry.  Then cleaned up the bathroom only to find that I need a new shower mat because mine that is old finally ripped.  I thought Rubbermaid lasted forever.  Guess not.  Got a new one and a new shower curtain on the way from Amazon, along with a lot of other stuff that I shouldn’t have bought but did.

I worked in nap time and had fun spending time with the children, just lounging and watching TV.  Stayed up way too late and paid for it today.

Sunday woke up way too early thanks to Choir cat.  She has to have her way.  For a little cat she has a great set of lungs.  I am surprised that all of the animals in the neighborhood aren’t at my back door.  Fed the children.  Got dressed and headed off to Cracker Barrel.  I learned they have something called the Momma’s Sampler.  You get an extra sausage patty (or I suppose a extra strip of bacon), two eggs, two pancakes and hash brown casserole.  It costs less than the Momma’s Pancake Breakfast but that is because your getting 1 less pancake.  Ate that all up and headed off to the grocery store.  Where I picked up not one but two boxes of magnums.  Your probably thinking condoms, but your wrong it’s Ice Cream Bars.  They come 3 in a box and they sell for $5, which is super expensive by my standards but they are so good.  I got the Double Raspberry.  Oh I will enjoy them even if they are no good for me.  Check them out when you go to the store next, try a box I’ll bet you’ll enjoy them as well.

Back on track here.  Came home put everything away and then decided to lay down.  Took a nap with the kids which was fun.  My shoulder was killing me when I went to sleep and it’s no different now that I am awake.  My ear ache is back as well.  Can’t wait for Tuesday so I can hit up the doc in the box at work.  Work pays the bill and I don’t have to take time off, it’s a total win for me.  I was going to hit up the pie shop (yes I said pie) but opted to stay at home instead.  A local BBQ place gave me $5 on my rewards card so I will venture out tomorrow for a nice meal at a discount.  I am invited to my friends annual block party but I don’t want to sit and chat with neighbors that I don’t know and spend time in the hot outdoors with flies and insects hovering over me like I am a walking buffet.  So I am not going but do appreciate the invite. 

Got a call from my mom, it was a strange number and she left a message saying this was her new number.  I wonder if she got out of the nursing home and into an apartment like she was claiming would happen.  She called back again today of course just as I started to dose off.  I didn’t bother to answer the phone because I don’t want to be swept away with drama.  This is supposed to be a relaxing weekend.  I did get a card in the mail which my brother addressed and mailed.  There was no return address and the card was just addressed to our last name at my address.  It was odd, but I opened it read it and then do what I do with most cards, threw it in the trash.  Quick way to see $5 go down the drain.  Would have been better off to mail me the money, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts. 

There you have it my weekend up until now.  I’ve accomplished some things but am moving super slow and taking my time.  Very pleased to hear that my Bear is doing great.  He still wants regular food and I do cater to him a bit.  I am quite confident that we have resolved the damn crystal problem.  Crystal is expensive and that was truly the case here even though were talking about a different type of crystal.  Now off to make some changes to the blog, surf for porn, listen to some music and waste the night away until it’s time to go to bed.  Since this is a shorter work week everyone will be off on what day of the week it is.  My boss is coming back later this week and then who knows what will happen. 

Hope your weekend is going well.  Fall is just a couple weeks away.  I couldn’t believe it but Sam’s already has Christmas decorations out and it’s only September.  Got to make that almighty dollar.  Money is important I get it but there are other things that are much more important that you can’t buy like quality time with your family and friends as well as making memories that last a lifetime.  Have a great evening and an even better week ahead!

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