12 September 2016

New Oatmeal

Just figured out that you can get Cat Urine Ph test strips from Amazon.  Way cheaper than a visit or the test at the vet.  I got two packs for $19 and 2 day shipping free.  SCORE !  While the best form of the test is taken directly from the bladder, you can accomplish the same thing if you catch the urine as it’s falling.  Not a problem with Bears.  His food arrived today, just in time because I am running out of the stuff.  Everyone loves it.  Got 2 bags this time.  Placed an order for Amazon Pee Pads, they are a little bit cheaper so I am going to try them while I have the good ones on hand and see how they preform.  So long as Bear uses them and they work I am happy to switch to save money. 

Enjoyed spending time with all of the children.  I was brushing my teeth last night when all hell broke loose.  Ruth lost her damn mind.  She was really upset.  I knew only one thing could make her that angry and sure enough we had a visitor.  A large grey & white cat. He said hi to me and me back to him.  Then I could tell he was all pissed off so I told him to go away.  He did but took his sweet time.  Then everything settled down.  Wow hope he doesn’t come around while I am at work today.  I presume it was a he, rather large.  Could be a pregnant female – all I know is the inn is full so I am not taking on anymore responsibility. 

In search of my Cinnamon & Spice Oatmeal I found Quaker has a new Fiber rich Banana Nut.  I took a chance and bought a package, its good stuff.  Full of protein as well.  Normally I have 2 packets but this was a little bit larger so I opted for 1.  I wasn’t full but I wasn’t hungry either.  It’s noon and I have made it thus far.  I doubt that I will have a sugar drop so might be a way for me to loose a couple of pounds, if I decide to stick with it.  Tomorrow I will be trying Blueberry's and Cream, hope I like it as well.  My Cinnamon & Spice as well as Cream of Wheat Cinnabon are on the way to me thanks to Amazon.  I don’t understand why today you can get something local and the next time you go back in a month for it, you have to mail order it.  Makes no sense at all.  I can’t be the only person in the area that likes both of these cinnamon products.  I really love the smell of Maple & Brown Sugar but I can’t have it because the Maple will make my nose run.  C’mon grocery stores get your act together!

Fairly calm for a Monday.  I had a couple of issues to deal with but it’s been fairly calm and I am happy about that.  Looking forward to my Roast Beef & Cheese sandwich with Cheetos for lunch.  Then of course delving in and reading more of Ryan Ferguson’s book.  Thus far it’s pretty good.  I am not a reader but a co-worker got me a $25 card to Borders.  I might just have to re-gift that, not for sure yet.

Playing with my iPhone last night and I turned off a setting that wiped out a bunch of photos on my phone.  I had to restore from a backup. Then I got trapped in that 6 digit pin unlock code.  My employer requires a PIN code to unlock the device and once you set a PIN unless you wipe the phone it takes forever before you can reuse it again.  I hate that.  Anyway, got all of my photos back.  Now tomorrow IOS 10 comes out, looking forward to that so long as it preforms on my device and doesn’t cause issues.  I like upgrades but only if they work.  The price you pay for early adoption is that there could be a flaw, despite all of the testing that has been done.  Really would like to upgrade the phone but that would mean spending extra money and getting new mophie’s and possibly a new dock – all expensive as hell so it’s just easier to hang on to what I have a little longer. 

Okay that’s it for Monday.  Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you all again soon.

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