06 September 2016

Random Thoughts

My ear started to bother me again.  I decided to hit up the doc in the box here at work.  He said that it’s the Bluetooth Headphones I am using.  He asked me to stop for a couple days.  He said to clean the ear bud part everyday with alcohol.  I’ve got an irritation of the upper lining of my ear.  He gave me some antibiotic drops and sent me on my way.  That stuff was expensive, only cost me $12 but insurance really picked up the tab, thank God for it. 

I did accomplish most of what I wanted over the extended weekend.  I never got to clean the carpet in the basement, but I did break out the Clorox wipes and started from the basement all the way upstairs.  The cats were looking at me funny, they only see me do this on occasion.  I am a neat freak but I am not into dusting, I have also found that that with age I am less neat than I was when I was younger.  It’s kind of difficult with a house full of cats, they love to make messes. 

Stayed up late last night and took extra sleeping medicine with the hopes that I would fall asleep quicker, but since I had an afternoon nap my body said no it’s time to stay awake.  Difficult to get going this morning, but that was expected.  Had to cater to the Bear this morning.  He got two cans of food out of me, it’s getting difficult to know what to feed him.  He loves Red Meat Feast from Blue Wilderness but I only got 2 cans and he has had them both over the weekend.  I will get more for him next weekend. 

Slightly sad to see summer go, the boys won’t be running without shirts.  I won’t almost have traffic accidents while watching them.  That happened a couple mornings on the way to work.  One of the apps I am on, sent me an email telling me what guys would be a good match.  Normally they are way off and I don’t have any interest, but still I hold out hope and it kind of paid off. I saw an Asian guy who was just cute.  Read his profile found out that he is a doctor.  I reached out and am waiting to hear from him.  My guess is that I won’t hear from him but at least I made a move.  Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

Enjoyed BBQ out yesterday afternoon, came home and spent time getting ready for today.  Then when things finally settled down I listened to some music and was able to relax.  Picked up some fresh peaches that are in plastic bowls.  I stuck them in the fridge and had 2 of those small bowls last night, they were good.  The cats had to have a snack since I had one.  I carry those bowls to work and make them apart of my lunch.  Delicious!  No added sugar but I was thinking last night they sure would go good with some vanilla ice cream. 

Thursday starts the Lance Bass Bachelor show on Logo.  I’ve got my DVR set to record the series.  Based on the guys I have seen in the promo I don’t think it will be that interesting but I am going to keep an open mind.  We shall see what happens.  Nice that Fall TV is starting up because once the weather turns cold, everyone will be hunkered down in their homes with the furnace on and the TV blaring.  It’s just a part of winter hibernation. 

I know I had more to contribute to this post but I am running out of time, I’ve got a meeting to run to so back to work I go.  Look forward to seeing what came in the mail today and what kind of fun I can have tonight.  It’s only Tuesday but I am already, ready for the weekend.  Here’s hoping all is well in your world. 

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