20 September 2016

The Fate of Lawn Boy

Last night was a horrible night.  It of course started with a telephone conversation with Lawn Boy.  He was inflexible and didn’t understand why he should have to give me anything.  We went back and forth, he pressed my buttons and I pressed his.  He kept saying over and over how he just wanted me to give him some understanding.  Then he totally crossed the line and insulted me.  Right there was my breaking point.  Then he went on to mock me and didn’t understand what I meant by providing good customer service.  Then tried to make this my fault and not his own.  This is a long standing relationship and one that he claims to value.  Given his actions and the choice words he spoke that is clearly a lie, he just wants my money.  I see that he just wants to bleed me dry. 

This conversation did not do wonders for me, my blood pressure or my back.  I concluded the call with the understanding that he would come out today and cut the grass.  Then come back in 3 weeks since he is so inflexible.  I am searching for a new vendor and already have his termination letter written up.  I floated it past one of the secretaries in the office and they made some minor revisions.  I also talked with an attorney who totally agreed with me, fire his ass.   

I really didn’t want it to turn out like this but had a feeling from the get go that it would.  In searching for a new provider I have found so far that he has been giving me a bargain rate.  Getting someone to commit to a bi-weekly schedule appears to be a difficult thing.  I do have a well established firm that has several people working for them that will give me the same price that lawn boy is charging me now but I have to commit to every week.  My lawn only needs service every other week, my wallet appreciates that.  Thankfully we are nearing end of season.  My plan is to have someone in place to cover the rest of this year and hopefully next year.  I want away from Lawn Boy as fast as possible.  Someone told me put the pressure on yourself, fire him today and then you have to get someone.  Now that I think is a little excessive. I am being aggressive with my search and if I have to commit to every week then I will, but would rather get away from doing that.  I am confident that I will have someone in place soon, come hell or high water.  I’ve got 3 weeks from today.  My goal is to not have to pay him anymore than necessary. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, my back was all knotted up and cramping.  I had to get my back knobber out to work on the knot.  That of course upset Marvin and then the choir began to sing.  Finally he wanted out of my room so I let him go.  Then I thought about what to do in order to get back to sleep the fastest.  Answer, self pleasure.  It usually works but I was so upset that didn’t work.  My mind kept racing.  I finally got back to sleep for 2 hours and then had to get up and come in.  I drove in thinking about it and parts of my commute are a total blur to me.  I talked to a couple people, re-wrote his termination letter and have been able to calm down.  I pray that tonight is a different and much better night. 

A little concerned about Bear he was hanging out by the backdoor last night when I got home and was there when I got out of bed this morning.  Looking on the cat cam it appears he has relived himself, but I won’t know that for certain until I walk in the door.  He has this horrible habit of sitting in it and then needs a bath.  I just gave him a bath and he is dirty already.  I think I need a portable vegetable sprayer to wash him down after he is done.  Too bad they don’t make a robot to do that dirty job.  Now there would be quite the invention. 

I think the batteries in my new keyboard are bad, Logitech said they aren’t user replaceable.  I proved them wrong last night.  Just 2 AAA nickel metal hydrate rechargeable.  Simple as pie to replace.  I let it charge over night.  When I next spend time in front of the computer I will know if I am on the right track.  If there is no improvement then it’s time to turn off the backlight, that should improve things.  Logitech says that the battery should last 8 to 10 days depending upon usage.  I was lucky to get 2 or 3 hours.  It’s still well within the return period, but I hate taking stuff back regardless if it’s mail order or in person.  Returns are just horrible in my mind.  However, if this issue doesn’t resolve then I will be returning the damn thing. 

There you have it.  Now it’s time to jump in the car and speed home, only to stop and grab the mail then to fur ball city I go.  Hope all is well for you.

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